Feb 1st 2003


R-Kelly - Step in the name of love (rmx): (Jive)


I was never a big R-Kelly fan. First off I was pissed when he and my girl (the late Aaliyah) was rumored to be married when she was only 15 and as far as his singing goes, I thought the guy couldn't hold a note. Then came the allegations of him having sex with underage girls and that just added salt to the wound (so to speak). Whether or not he's guilty remains to be seen but this latest chapter regarding his going ons certainly didn't score any brownie points with me.

So I took a listen to his latest release 'The Chocolate Factory' and my suspisions were even more so confirmed as I still don't rate him as a singer who can hold his notes but over the years, apart from the obvious hits there's been one or two gems on his albums that stuck with me (Thank God it's Friday, For you and his remake of The Spinners classic - Sadie comes to mind). So with that said, let me turn my attention to his latest single 'Step in the name of love (rmx)'

This song reminds me a lot of the mid 80s, early 90s house soul tracks that was making the rounds then (and still does today one might add). The song is on point for it's production value as it is tight and straight to the point - no tricks, thrills or gadgetry, just a nice mid tempo groove layered over some moog keys, seasoned very well with all the right ingredients to make it a contender.

Vikter Duplaix (Looking for Love) and Peven Everett (Testin' me) have ventured to this area of soul recently and it would be nice to see Mr. Kelly do more on this level rather than the obvious as it more suits his baritone voice.

Props to Mr Kelly for an excellent tune indeed and here's hoping there's more where that came from. One for your listrening ear ladies and gents. Another TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to K. Kelly's 'Step in the name of love'

Sir TY




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