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Sept 15th 2002


Peven Everett - Testin' me: (Studio Confessions)


For the last couple of years Peven's been bubbling in the underground house circuit guest vocalizing on a host of tracks including Roy Davis Jr's house anthem 'Gabriel' last year. Now he steps out on his own and deservedly so with one of the sweetest tracks I've heard this year.

Combining the contemporary elements of jazz, soul and fusion, 'Testing me' shines on it's own merit as a classic before it's time. Now most would consider this to be a house track but it could very well be an R&B or soul track it has that kind of feel to it.

Through it's journey there's the straight forward bass line (which is nothing new to most) but the introduction of the piano keys and synths are well orchestrated and Peven's voice caress the words ever so effortlessly making this track (for me at least) a must have for club and radio formats.

Produced by Peven and released on his own label (Studio Confessions) the song is from the album called 'Speed of Light' which was released a few weeks back. This is one song that gets the highest marks for originality and style definitely money well spent so my suggestion is do not (I repeat) do not overlook this one - it's a winner a TY-D Pick indeed.


Listen to Peven Everett- 'Testin' me'







 Romina Johnson - Never do - rmx (Expansion)


Look at what the soul scene is like for the female vocalist nowadays and it's pretty safe to say that it's healthy. A various array of singers hailing from the USA to the UK are all having their say but what about the European continents. Well Italy's latest import and a young star on the rise.

Say hello to Romina Johnson a beautiful copper toned Italian who was born in Rome (hence the name). Last year she took the UK house scene by storm by her catchy 2 step anthem 'Moving too fast' which got the remix touch by current 2 step king Artful Dodger. Now she returns with 'Never do' (which can be found on Expansion's 'Soul Togetherness' compilation). The song uses Benny Golson's 'I'm always dancing to the music' as it's backbone and it's sweet bass line has that certain kick to it getting you to nod your head to this. All around tight production is evident in the finished product making this another hit for the young Italian.

Taken from the forthcoming album 'Superbad', be on the lookout for this young lady for she has a bright future and career ahead of her. Put this one in high rotation for your listening pleasure it's just a great track all round - a TY-D Pick through and though. 

Listen to Romina Johnson - 'Never do' rmx




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