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Nov 15th 2002


Donnie - The Coloured Section (Giant Step)


At long last - the long awaited (and overdued) debut release from Donnie 'The Coloured Section' has finally hit the record shelves (as of Oct 22). The Atlanta native has dropped several singles our way since I first heard 'Heaven sent' last year (namely 'Do you know?' and 'Our new national anthem' respectively) but the full length is out and is primed for our listening ear.

All of us who are Donnie fans (myself included) are well aware of this young man's talents as a singer and songwriter who has been compared to the likes of the late legendary great Donnie Hathaway and Stevie Wonder (what company to be compared to eh?) and the album lives up to every bit of it's expection.

Right off you are 'welcomed' with the title track 'The Coloured Section' a delightful opening number that finds Donnie in an acoustic mood. Next you're treated to 'Beautiful me' - a mid tempo laid back groove rich with rhythm that digs deep inside the soul. 'Cloud 9' and 'People Person' follows suit, both of which are of the highest quality where soul tracks are concerned then the staple of the disc appears with tracks like 'Big Black buck', 'Do you Know', 'You got a friend' and Heaven Sent'.

Current single 'Masterplan' shines for it intelligence and trip hip beat well produced by veteran Steve Harvey (Total Contrast) and 'Our new National Anthem' is currently being used for BET's National Ad campaign. We've all been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the full length. This one is detined to be a classic so do your bit and get now that it has hit your local record shelves - A TY-D Pick (true say)..

Listen to Donnie's - 'Our new National Anthem'

Listen to Donnie's - 'Do you know?'







Vikter Duplaix- Looking for Love  (Studio K7)


Philadelphia or 'Philly' as it's amply known as nowadays was the mecca for soul music in the 70s and early 80s with Gamble and Huff's PIR (Philadelphia International Records) and TSOP (The Sounds of Philadelphia) records ruling the airwaves. But then in the late 80s and 90s it was just 'the city of brotherly love' with the sound of music nowhere in sight as far as soul was concerned.

Enter the new millennium and the appearance of newcomer Jill Scott, the Philly lass who's beautiful and sensual voice took the world by storm. All were hailing her praise and rightfully so and then came Bilal, Musiq Soulchild (known nowadays as Musiq) The Roots, Jazzyfatnasties and Jaguar Wright just to name a few and with all of this talent emerging, Philly's soul music wasn't dead and buried but merely in hibernation for the last decade and a half. With that said, enter the latest Philadelphian to emerge his name: Vikter Duplaix - a name you should look out for in the very near future.

The song in question here is 'Looking for love' a smoking house groover with a dinstictive soul mood to it that had me hopping from start to finish. Vikter's voice at times reminds me of a young Ray Parker Jr for it's distinctive baritone but with a full length currently under way and set for release early next year this young man has a bright future ahead for him.

Put this one in high rotation for your listening pleasure it's just a great track all round - a TY-D Pick through and though

Listen to Vikter Duplaix's - 'Looking for love'





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