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Welcome all, this is the Playlist selection for my internet radio show "The Menu" on Mixx96fm.com. If you would like a copy of a particular playlist, simply click on the date for that show and print out a copy. 

Jun2nd 2000 Jan2nd 2001 Feb7th Apr 2nd May 3rd Jun 19th Dec 11th 00
Sept15th Jan3rd Feb8th Apr 3rd May 4th Jun 21st Dec 13th 0
Oct6th Jan4th Feb 9th Apr 4th May 7th Jun 22nd Dec 14th 0
Oct11th Jan5th Feb 12th Apr 5th May 8th Jun 26th Dec 27th 0
Oct20th Jan8th Feb 14th Apr 6th May 9th Jun 28th Dec 28th 0
Nov2nd Jan9th Feb 15th Apr 10th May 10th Jun 29th Jan 29th 2002 0
Dec5th Jan11th Feb 16th Apr 11th May 11th July 5th Jan 31th 0
Dec6th Jan12th Feb 20th Apr 12th May 15th July 10th Feb 5th 0
Dec8th Jan17th Feb 21st Apr 13th May 17th July 12th Feb 7th0 0
Dec11th Jan18th Mar 6th Apr 16th May 18th July 13th Feb 8th 0
Dec12th Jan19th Mar 7th Apr 17th May 22nd July 17th Feb 12th 0
Dec13th Jan22nd Mar 9th Apr 18th May 24th July 19th Feb 14th 0
Dec14th Jan23rd Mar 13th Apr 19th May 25th July 20th Feb 19th 0
Dec15th Jan24th Mar 14th Apr 20th May 29th July 24th Feb 21st 0
Dec18th Jan25th Mar 15th Apr 23rd May 31st July 26th Feb 22nd 0
Dec19th Jan26th Mar 16th Apr 24th Jun 1st July 27th 0 0
Dec21th Jan29th Mar 21st Apr 25th Jun 5th July 31st 0 0
Dec22th Jan30th Mar 23rd Apr 26th Jun 7th Aug 2nd 0 0
Dec27th Feb1st Mar 27th Apr 27th Jun 8th Aug 3rd 0 0
Dec28th Feb5th Mar 28th May 1st Jun 12th Dec 6th 0 0
Dec29th Feb6th Mar 29th May 2nd Jun 14th Dec 7th 0 0

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