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Apr. 1st 2004


Long overdue - Carl ThomasCarl Thomas - Let's talk about it: LP (Bad Boy)


Just where has he been since he got 'Emotional' with us? Well he's been out and about touring among other things, became a father and after almost 4 years of preparing, studying and horning his craft, singer Carl Thomas returns to the limelight once again with his sophomore effort 'Let's talk about it'.

'Emotional' set the path for Mr. Thomas to journey on. His debut release caught all of us by surprise but not Carl who's career ambition was to be a singer/songwriter/entertainer. With 'Emotional' he wrote songs about love and trying to achieve it's many standards but this time around with 'Let's talk about it' as with age comes wisdom and so his undertaking has been on a more mature level of things - his views, his statue to society he has comfortable in his own skin as 'Let's talk about it' branches out into different areas of his persona.

Going in depth into the album you'll see what Carl is made of, writing from the heart and mind with the ghosts of past legends living within. The lead off single She is featured Mr. lick 'em Lips LL Cool J and is produced by P. Diddy who borrows from Hi Tension's 1984 hit You make me Happy (made famous by Surface a couple of years later). This one has settled well on radio playlist and club play but starting the album off is the title track and although its listed as an quote unquote 'interlude', it comes in some 3 minutes and change in length and should be considered a song more than anything else (maybe if its released as a single we might get a full version of the song) is very much reminiscent of the late Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) and in some instances rivals it's lush melody. Next is 'Anything', a mid tempo groove dance number that will have your head nodding throughout. Following suit in the interlude dept is Know it's Alright featuring spoken words by Malik Yusef - an interesting take on approaching a woman.

The balladeer does have a few ballad there for the listening ear as well as songs for getting yourself sorted for an evenings romantic rendezvous. 'Promise', 'All You've Given' and 'Rebound' offers merit on all fronts but the attention grabber on this disc will definitely be 'The Baby Maker' that starts off with a PA introduction of Carl then leads into soft guitar strings that carry into a soothing bass and Carl's baritone.

The album is in stores and record shops now so if you're a fan or Carls or even if you're not, on your travels get a copy of his work you might be pleasantly surprised - A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Carl Thomas's - 'Let's talk about it'

Listen to Carl Thomas's - 'The Baby Maker'

Sir TY






Blessful Debut - John StoddartJohn Stoddart- Wings to walk this road: LP (WEA)


John always thought he'd be a musician when growing up and he is in most respect but aren't we glad that he chose to sing as well. Coming from a musical family, his path stood before him to walk and not only did he walk, he ran with it. His journey in the music industry has been a traveled one from studying classical piano at age of thirteen at the renowned Settlement School of Music in Philly to attending Columbia Union College.

It was here that John started to find himself as a singer and songwriter and in the upcoming years would launch his own production company, Urban Junction East Music (or UJEM). In paying his dues John would work with some of the music industry's most elite performers including saxophonist Kirk Whalum to 'Supreme Lady Boss' Diana Ross to Celine Dion all of whom he has written, arranged or produced for in their body of work.

Having said that as an arranger, songwriter and producer he has worked with some of music's top performers, John has now taken on anew challenge and has embarked on his debut disc 'Wings to Walk This Road' an album filled with beautiful lyrics and lush melodies and meaningful songs.

Let's starts off with the beautiful ballad 'Angel' (which also serves as the lead off single) a song that is both spiritual and endearing that was written especially for his wife Helen. 'Falling for You' is a mid tempo jazz funk groove that gets your fingers clicking, head bopping and feet tapping to the beat. The interlude 'Now you know' is exquisite and features his wife Helen on vocals the only downfall being that I wish it was a song rather than an interlude, then there's the jazz oriented 'Fly Away' where you'll hear Kirk's saxophone softly playing as John's spoken word takes shape.

The ballads are plentyful and all carry weight in their own respect. 'Have you ever been Lonely', 'Come to Me' and 'You will never know' all strikes a cord at the heart of your emotions. As a whole, the strength of the album lies in the personal who performed on the set, Jonathan Butler - Guitar (Acoustic), Paul Jackson Jr. - Guitar, Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion, Trina Broussard - vocals and Helen Stoddart (John's wife) also on vocals are just a drop in the bucket as far as who's worked on the album and with that kind of talent on board, you know you're in for something quite special and unique.

I had the opportunity to interview John recently and you can read the whole interview right here in the Interview Room or check our the June issue of M2F you can read it online also at www.m2fonline.com. The album is available now at fine record stores everywhere so add this one to your shopping list for albums to get definitely worth having. A TY-D Pick for you to check out

Listen to John Stoddart's - 'Now you Know'

Listen to John Stoddart's - 'Fly Away'

Sir TY




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