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May. 1st 2004


Doing what he does best - Freddie JacksonFreddie Jackson - Say Yeah: (Martland Ent. Grp)


When you think about Freddie Jackson the one word that comes to mind is - longevity. Although he's been in the industry for 20 years, Freddie's achievements speak for itself. From Grammy nominations to 30 charted singles to 11 No. 1 hits on the R&B charts. Next to Luther Vandross, in the 80s he was the master of the domain.

His start in music came early as he sang in the chruch from a young age. In the early 80s he got 'first taste' when he went to Los Angeles where he sang with the group Mystic Merlin (he sang vocals on their album that featured the hit single 'Mr Magician') and did background vocals for songstress Melba Moore before returning home to Harlem and teaming up with friend Paul Lawrence. He met Paul through his church, the White Rock Baptist Church where they sang together. The two would later meet up and put mind to music and then it happened. Right off the bat 2 platinum albums and consecutive number one hit singles - he was large and in charge, ruling the charts and airways in the mid 80s and early 90s.

Although the mid to late 90s wasn't as kind to him, his body of work still showed he has his loyal fan base who supported his music. Rock Me Tonight and You are My Lady is still being played today nearly 20 yrs after the fact and still sound just as good now as it did back them.

For the new millennium, Freddie returns with a new label (Martland Entertainment) and a new album called 'It's Your Move'. Freddie has a more hands on role in this project as he wrote the majority of the songs and serves as executive producer said Freddie when asked about the new album "It was a labor of love and dedication. I am the co-share holder and partner of this label Martland Entertainment and wrote 9 songs there's 14 songs on this album so I went back to my writing, A lot of the music um lyrics on this album is Freddie Jackson so it is a labor of love and dedication to me enduring 20 years in this industry and finally I got a chance to do it my way."

On review here today is the excellent sexy move slow groove 'Say Yeah' where Freddie asks you to leave your inhibitions at the door and 'Say Yeah' to your feelings. Wonderfully produced, 'Say Yeah' shows that Freddie still has the fire and passion to give his fans quality music no matter what the testiment may be. The one thing that is constant... is the music - always sublime, always refreshing it's been his creative curve his entire career.

I recently caught up with Freddie and spoke with him about his musical journey, his influences and his achievements. You can read the interview in the upcoming issues of M2F magazine in the UK (I'm not sure which issue it's going to appear in) or check out entire interview right here in the 'Interview Room'.

His album is in stores and record shops now so if you're a fan get yourself a copy or even if you're not a fan, pick it up anyway, you might be pleasently surprised - A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Freddie Jackson's - 'Say Yeah'

Sir TY






Wants to be yours - Teedra MosesTeedra Moses - Be your Girl (TVT)


Well when it comes to the female vocalist, a lot can be said for those who makes an impression and who doesn't. Now although she's a relative newcomer, one such singer Teedra Moses can fit the mold as she is intent on making a name for herself in the R&B soul scene.

The New Orleans born/California resident who once was an assistant stylist to the stars now embarks on styling her a career of her own as a singer and with what's happened so far might do just that.

Raised by her mother in New Orleans there was always music in their house hold which could only lead to Teedra catching the singing bug, her mother herself was once a successful gospel singer. Then came a child's most frightening fear Mom and Dad no longer loving each other. After her parents seperation, her mother moved them to California and here is where she found her true calling. Said Teedra "I think if I never came to California, I wouldn’t be as refined about how I am ghetto, like in the way I write. Because L.A. is a little bit more polished place. You adjust yourself with your environment. I love L.A., and it’s like the sunshine and all that makes you wanna be artsy."

And so she sank herself into becoming an artist and learning all the traits that she could muster to hone her craft - from singing to songwriting to producing. With her new found wisdom, she set forth to introduce herself - she is Teedra Moses.

The lead off single debut single 'You'll Never Find (A Better Woman) (that featured Jadakiss), garnered modest airplay on radio playlists and saw healthy spins in the clubs. With the success of her debut, she serves us her latest effort - 'Be Your Girl'.

Teaming up with up and coming producer Pauli Pol (who produced the Black Eyed Peas 'Joints & Jams') 'Be Your Girl' offeres a solid baseline and keys that sees Teedra's soothing vocals tell the story of the age old adage of unreturned love from a distance.

Taken from her debut album called 'Complex Simplicity' (in stores July 6th) be on the look out for this one as it does grow on you (really) - an excellent track for the soul fan both young and old. A TY-D Pick for your ear to enjoy - no doubt

Listen to Teedra Moses - 'Be Your Girl'

Sir TY




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