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Freddie Jackson's Interview

Below is the interview I had with the one and only, the master singer/songwriter/producer Freddie Jackson, who has had 30 charted singles to date and 11 number one records on the R&B charts. This page is best viewed using IE 5.5 and higher and to listen to the audio sample/s you will need a media player (preferably Windows Media or Real Player)

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Sir TY: (US contributing reviewer of M2F mag)

Dated: May 5th 2004

Freddie Jackson's Interview


When you think about Freddie Jackson one word do comes to mind - longevity. Freddie's achievements speak for itself. Grammy nominations, 30 charted singles and 11 No. 1 hits on the R&B charts. In the early 80s he sang with the group Mystic Merlin and did background vocals for Melba Moore before teaming up with Paul Lawrence then it happened. Right off the bat 2 platinum albums and consecutive number one hit singles - he was large and in charge, ruling the charts and airways in the mid 80s and early 90s. Although the mid to late 90s wasn't as kind to him, he still had his loyal fan base who supported his music. Rock Me Tonight and You are My Lady is still being played today nearly 20 yrs after the fact and still sound just as original now as it did back them. For the new millennium, Freddie has a new label (Martland Entertainment) and a new record 'It's Your Move'. I caught up with Freddie today and spoke with him about his musical journey, his influences and his achievements.

Sir TY: Freddie, this is an honor I am big fan of your work. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview, I appreciate it as do your fans.
Freddie: It's my pleasure, Sir TY

Sir TY: Your first single 'Rock Me Tonight' went straight to Number one and you became a household name almost overnight? How did you handle the stardom aspect seeing that you experienced it so quickly?
Freddie: Well it did happen very quickly for me I came from working a full time job as a word processor, a 9 to 5 through my entire life to taking a dramatic and drastic turn so coming from the same background for loads of people to now being this center stage star, it took a little bit of getting used to. I adjusted to it very well, had a wonderful teacher in Miss Melba Moore which was heavenly so with the success of the record came a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication and I was pretty happy not to go back to a 9 to 5 job so I put my whole heart into the product and the project so I can have the longevity that I have to this day and also having 20 years in this industry. The beginning is now paying off right now still in my life

Sir TY: It's been almost 4 years since your last album 'Life After 30' was released? What have you been doing during that hiatus?
Freddie: On the road I've been on the road non stop. The wonderful thing about the power of 11 number one records that I've had is that even without a record I still work you know so I'm very fortunate that I wasn't just a one hit wonder you know I have other stuff underneath my belt that helped carried a unique atmosphere that was solid like a rock so I've been working I've been writing last Christmas I had a song that was on Whitney Houston's album that I wrote myself and Gordon Chambers and Barry Eastmond who wrote 'You are my Lady' which was the title cut from her Christmas album called 'One Wish' I'm currently writing a song for Anita Baker's new album so I've been writing and I have a little publishing deal so I've been doing a lot of writing and touring I've been on the road nonstop I'm in Miami now as we speak.

Sir TY: Off all the songs you've recorded to date, do you have a favourite, if so why?
Freddie: Well I think that would be 'Have you ever loved Somebody' I think that's my all-time favourite songs it's one of my favourite songs I love to perform nightly. 'Have you ever loved Somebody' I actually experienced that song you know I actually asked someone that question because I was very deeply in love with someone during that time but I asked those words you know I felt like the person I was in love with was running away from me and those lyrics was just coming straight from my heart so that song I hold very close to my heart

Sir TY: With the Neo Soul movement now flourishing and R&B being a bit stagnant, what's your take on the stability of the soul scene at the moment?
Freddie: I like it whether we have wonderful records from R. Kelly that's keep the soul alive, I love the beautiful songs from Miss Alicia Keys that help to keep the soul alive, I love Prince's new record that helps to keep R&B and funk and soul alive, I love Heather Headley who helps to keep the soul scene alive so um with this neo-soul stuff there are... I mean R&B I don't think will ever die although it's having a rough time but there are some people who are really and truly dedicated to it such as I am. As long as we present people remain dedicated to it, it will always last.

Sir TY: Of the current crop of artists occupying the charts, (Usher, Tam, Brandy, Musiq etc...) is there any one you would like to collaborate with or work with?
Freddie: I like Floetry I like Floetry a lot I would love for those lovely young ladies write a song with me I would love to work with them. I love Alicia Keys I would love to work with her. I like Joe I think Joe is wonderful I love his work I like his style and I like Jaheim I love all of his tracks I like his stuff I like him a lot so those are a few of my favourites along with Kenny Lattimore I think Kenny Lattimore has one of the more successful voices as well as Chante Moore the both of them I love their 'Duets' album, I'm here in Miami and I carry it with me every where I go - exceptional

Sir TY: You're a singer but also a songwriter, how do you go about writing your material, what is your thought process?
Freddie: I draw from my friends experiences so they don't like telling too much of their business see they could find out they're listening to it in a song so they're very discreet with how much they tell me but I draw from my own personal experiences but then I draw from life personal experiences as well so it's very important for me to write from the heart and to write from my soul and I think thats one of the reasons that I'm able to endure and do the things that I do because I think music is powerful and it will last, it will last forever but it's what you give to the things that will allow it to last forever.

Sir TY: The CD is called 'It's Your Move' was it a labor of love to show everyone that you're still here making good music?
Freddie: It was a labor of love and dedication. I am the co-share holder and partner of this label Martland Entertainment and wrote 9 songs there's 14 songs on this album so I went back to my writing, A lot of the music um lyrics on this album is Freddie Jackson so it is a labor of love and dedication to me enduring 20 years in this industry and finally I got a chance to do it my way.

Sir TY: Is there any reason why you chose that title?
Freddie: Naw, I wanted it to be the peoples move, to go out and buy it this time it's your move now I want you to just stick in there with this R&B and I want you to help to keep it alive and it's your move this time help me to help you.

Sir TY: You mentioned you like Jahiems music earlier, who else do you listen to when you're on your own time?
Freddie: I'm loving Janet Jackson's new album I really am, I'm loving it very much I can't stop listening to her album I think she did an incredible job on this album. I just brought my darling friend who I just hung out with last night in New York City, Miss Patti Labelle's album we were at a birthday party for Mr. Nick Ashford last night myself and Patti, Roberta Flack and Dr. Maya Angelo we were all hanging out last night so I'm loving Patti's new album - it's a NU DAY, Patti and I are going to go do some dates together so I'm listening to Patti and Janet right now and I listening to Floetry's album I think it's a wonderful and excellent piece of work (All you gotta do is) 'Say Yes' is one of my favourite songs on there - absolutely wonderful.

Sir TY: You touring now in Florida - correct, where can we see you next?
Freddie: I'm doing Miami now, I'm performing at the Cayman Island Jazz Festival in June and July I'm performing at the Essence Music Festival, I have quite a few things that's going on myself and En Vogue are gonna go out and do a 22 city tour in August we'll be hitting a lot of different cities.

Sir TY: For those you have inspirations of becoming a singer, what advice can you share with them
Freddie: Well I would say study hard and also to really make sure that this is what you want to do because it's a doggy dog industry and a doggy dog world so if you just come in with the assumption that I'm just gonna be a star then be an assessable star because there are many of those who make it and there are many of those who don't make it so you've got to be really dedicated to whatever it is do at the studio, writer, actor or whatever it is you should come in with dedication because it can go with you 20 years such as I have right now and if you roll with the punches you gotta be able to roll with the punches because its's not easy.

Sir TY: Last but not least anything you'd like to say to your fans?
Freddie: I would like to say thank you, a big, big old thank you and hugs and kisses to my fans hanging in there with me sticking in there with me because without them, without them wanting me you know it won't make a difference to me you know I can deliver but you know they're showing me on this project right now that they've been waiting for me to come out with an album the album is selling and the song are doing well it's on a independent label but it's being embraced as though it was on a major label so I just wanna thank them and eh thank them for their undying support in my career I still say the best is yet to come from Freddie Jackson I'm gonna go out this November and I'm doing a Christmas tour myself and Miss Dionne Warwick we're gonna be out for the entire months so the best is yet to come.

Sir TY: Freddie, thanks again for your time, continued success in your career and here's hoping you sell millions of copies of your CDs - All the best
Freddie: Thank you so much Sir TY. You know the wonderful thing about it is that it's my baby this time and I was talking to Stephanie Mills a few weeks ago she was at the party last night too I'm the godfather of her baby and she said 'Freddie the good thing about it is that we don't have to try to be successful, we are successful so no matter how it ends up we can really smile about what we've done because we're not trying to be a big star because we already are'. She said that to me and it really rung a bell and it's true. You learn about yourself as you go on in this industry and you learn your self worth and it's certain people like Miss Stephanie Mills to just say 'Hey look however the chips may fall, you're gonna always be who you are'

Listen to Freddie Jackson's latest hit 'Natural Thing '

Listen to Freddie Jackson's 'It's Your move'





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