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Mar. 1st 2004


Delicious debut - Jeff KendrickJeff Hendrick - Bout Time: LP (Bout Time Prod.)


In case you don't know it yet there is a star on the horizon that is shining bright these days and it belongs to a man of many talents - Jeff Hendrick.

This Canadian native has been involved in music ever since he was a young lad of 7 where he did his very first performance (a tall order I know). His father is a lover of R&B music and he would listen to the likes of The Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder and The Commodores so it was only a matter of time before young Jeff would acquire a taste for the gender. In doing so he would listen to the greats Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Prince, Donny Hathaway and Stevie to name a few and the bar was set - he wanted to be a performer. With this in mind, Jeff, still a young teen went on to perform classical and jazz and would later complete a Jazz Performance Degree (Saxophone) at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

How did Jeff get to this point now well after honing his skills for 2 years in the local Latin Funk group MARACUJAH!, Jeff set up shop with his own band and started performing around town playing his unique taste of neo-soul and pop blend. The response of the local natives was surreal, and with this Jeff recorded his first solo demo which he wrote, produced, and performed. To be where the action is meant going to it and he was off to New York to shop himself but with no success but he did get noticed and once he got back home he and his band would open for Sony recording artists THE PHILOSOPHER KINGS at the Edmonton International Jazz Festival. This led to other great moments for him including a memorable shared billing with local legend TOMMY BANKS. He would then head off to Los Angeles where he made a huge impression and worked with the likes of Brian McKnight. In 2002 he recorded and released his debut set 'Bout Time' on his own label 'Bout Time Productions' but did not fair well nationally so I'm hoping we can change that now.

The album 'Bout Time' is a musical journey that takes many shapes in the modern music forum. The lead off single 'Dance with Me' is a beautifully constructed 2 step jazz groove that finds Jeff's natured voice in fine form. With soft keys and a soothing bass throughout, this one is prime for Urban Contemporary radio formats and well as the late night 'Quiet Storms'. 'Fine - Late Night Hang' tells the story of 2 people meeting for a late night invitation to 'hang' it's one of those grooves that is tailor made for you to lay back, relax and nod your head. Representing the house groove is 'She 2003', an uptempo dance track that gets the juices flowing for a night out in the clubs and let's not forget the move slo motion with 'It's All about You' although considered a pop ballad some might argue this one to be more on the soul ballad side in any case the song is well - excellent but my favourite though has to be 'What's the Deal' a mid-tempo groove that has all the right ingredients, a wicked groove of a bass, soft keys, synths and of course Jeff's voice - it's just top draw from start to finish, in a word - Wicked

His talents knows no boundaries as he can sing, write, produce, arrange and play several instruments from the piano and the saxophone the man truly represents the current form. I had the chance to do an interview with Jeff and you can read it on the 'Interviews' page or in the M2F magazine publication in the UK (sorry - it's not available in the USA) or go on line to www.m2fonline.com. The album is out now and it's definitely one that requires your attention so do check it out if or when you get a chance it doesn't disappoint (really) - A
TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Jeff Hendrick's - 'Dance with Me'

Listen to Jeff Hendrick's - 'What's the Deal'

Sir TY






High Praise - Tim DillingerTim Dillinger - Promise to Stay: (Icons Pen)


Another talented newcomer who's hailing to make his mark on the soul/gospel music scene is Tim Dillinger. Now don't let the name fool you as Tim is anything but gangster and wants the world to recognize what an immense talent he really is.

Born in St. Petersburg, Florida, Tim's interest in music came at an early age as he was often treated to the sounds of gospel artists such as André Crouch, The Hawkins Family and The Clark Sister by his parents while at the same time would enjoy the soulful sounds of Lady T (aka Teena Marie), Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder.

At 18, Tim traveled and sang with the Grammy nominated gospel singer Beverly Crawford and with this huge opportunity beckoning it would open doors for him, allowing him to work with other great artists such as Steller Award winner Daryl Coley, veteran singer Táta Vega and Grammy Award winner Reba Rambo. Amounting his session work would lead to him getting his first record deal with an independent label in Dallas, Texas. Tim then relocated to Nashville in 2001 and began working with acts such as Chopper and Nina Ross. It was here that Tim launched his own multi-media company, Icon's Pen Media where his debut set 'Suddenly' was given life.

His debut single, 'Promise To Stay' is of excellent quality, it doesn't praise or preach to you but delivers a strong message of belief to those who has lost hope and faith. The London-based Internet radio station Soul 24-7 debuted the song last October and has been playing it ever since. It's been receiving a tremendous response much to the delight of the listening public. The single is now being played on countless radio formats internationally with global appeal beckoning.

"I want to create the kind of music that inspired me...Music that made me feel...Music that unlocked emotions. I want to sing about love...being in love, loving God, myself, and those around me." said Tim recently as I had the opportunity to interview the talented singer/songwriter and you can read it on the interviews page or in the M2F magazine publication in the UK (sorry - it's not yet available in the USA) or go on line to www.m2fonline.com

If you're a fan of good honest soul music then be sure to pick up a copy of the album available through Tim's website currently undergoing a makeover. A TY-D Pick for you to check out indeed. 

Listen to Tim Dillinger's - 'Promise to Stay'

Sir TY




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