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Aug 1st 2003


The Queen returns - Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin - The only thing Missing (Arista)


Although rumors has been circling that she will retire from touring after this the end of the year, the queen of soul Aretha Franklin shows no sign of retiring from making records and has a new single making the rounds and forthcoming album due out on the record shelves as well.

The song, called 'The Only Thing Missin',' has been released early as a teaser from her upcoming album, 'So Damn Happy' out next month on Arista Records but the single is very well suited for her, with a balance of mid-tempo drumlines and soft tone symths and the most important element, her voice. She hasn't missed a beat in her some 40 year career as she sounds as good today as she did 20 years ago.

The song is also being performed during Aretha's current (and rumored last) tour named The Queen Is On tour, which has been billed as the last extensive tour of her career which has spanned over 40 years. The song is getting early airplay on stations such as WDLT Mobile, Ala., and WHUR Washington, D.C.

Franklin says the track is "one of the hottest songs" on her new album. "It's the kind of song that a singer waits for," she adds. The yet-to-be-titled upcoming set will be Franklin's first since 1998's 'A Rose Is Still a Rose'.

At least one track is produced and written by Burt Bacharach, while Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Gordon Chambers, Barry Eastman, Troy Taylor and Ron Lawrence will also contribute their production talents

The album is due in stores September 16th and is one to look out for. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Aretha Franklin's 'The only thing missing'

Sir TY






Carrying his message - InobeInobe - Sister, Sister : (Modest Music)


For the last say 5 years now, Atlanta's soul music scene has really stood up on it's own two feet and made people take notice that down south you don't just get sunny weather but quality soul music as well.

Acts such as Seek and Donnie are getting the attention and recognition they truely deserve and the latest talent to emerge from the 'Hotlanta' scene who's also getting a lot of attention is newcomer Ebonie Johnson aka Inobe.

Although she's origally from St. Petersberg, FL, the self proclaimed singer makes Atlanta home and is a voice to be reckon with as she has opened for the likes of Musiq and Donnell Jones. A spiritual woman by nature, Inobe carries the message of God through her music, ''I can get God's point across in my music'' said Inobe ''I write about what I've gone through, what I've experienced''. She started singing at an early age and wrote and performed her first song at the age of 8. From there she then went onto do modelling, pagents and talent shows before as a teenager deciding that music would be her path.

The debut single 'Sister, Sister ' is a compelling tale of the strong bond between women forming. Driven by a thumping baseline and light guitar riffs, Sister, Sister is an absolute winner. Taken off the EP 'I am Inobe' (in stores now) this is one that you should have in your current playlist listening to over and over. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Inobe's 'Sister, Sister'

Sir TY




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