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Feb 1st 2005


Soothing sounds - King Britt King Britt ft Scuba N Michelle Shaprow - Angel: (Five Six Recordings)


When you think of Philadelphia and it's music pioneers you can almost always find this man listed as one of it's 'favourite sons'. The artists to come from there are numerous and legendary from The Chi-Lites to Curtis Mayfield and of course more recently The Roots, Jill Scott and Musiq. Who am I referring to why it's King Britt of course.

I've always been a fan of King Britt ever since discoving his music as part of the Digable Planets (he was their DJ) and later with Sylk 130 and his alter ego Scuba. This one man arsenal of beats, rhythm and sound has been putting together some of Philly's best house and dance grooves for the better part of the last decade and has no intention of slowing down with this latest release.

The 'brotherly love' native has turned his attention on the break beat phenomenon to churn out another quality track in 'Angel'. Enlisting the services of singer Michelle Shaprow on vocals as well as his alter ego Scuba, Angel is a mid tempo soul groove of the highest standard. Rich in harmonization and instrumentation King paces the song with a soft 'open seseme' of sstrings and blow horns then enters Michelle's sexy smooth voice and soon to follow is a head bopping break beat baseline.

All and all the overall effort is of top class material, equal in both statue and production. King has garnered another excellent track to lay upon us and is definitety one to add to his already impressive resume of grooves.

You can find this track and a host of other collaborators on the album This is what radio should sound like which is available now at a record shop near you. If you like good music then you'll like this set, be sure to check it out. - A TYD Pick indeed.

Sir TY

Listen to King Britt ft Scuba N Michelle Shaprow - 'Angel'




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