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Jan 1st 2005


Spreading their music - Silhouette Brown Silhouette Brown - Spread that: (Ether)


As per the norm in recent years, each new year I begin with the thought of which newcomer will make their mark this year then look back at the end of the year to see if I was right and for the most part I was and so I begin this year with a new group that may not be well known in the industry but sure are heading in the direction of the term 'blowing up'.

They are Silhouette Brown, a duo from my native UK who are producers now turn artists by the name of Dego (4 Hero , DKD) and Kaidi Tatham (alias Agent K) with newcomer Deborah Jordan and Bembe Segue rounding out the vocal aspect of the project. The 'broken beat' revolution has been credited to be born with NSM (New Sector Movement) at the helm but not far behind was Kaidi with his debut release Feed the Kat.

Kaidi worked with 4 Hero and hence the meeting with Dego. The two now join forces to bring the break beat to the masses on the US continent as well as in Europe with their debut self titled release - Silhouette Brown. The song I've chosen to review Spread that is just a drop in the bucket of what the entire set has to offer. A masterful effort that is both appealing and pleasing to the listening ear.

With it's layered break beat covered with the right amount of moorg key chords, Deborah is delightful in her debut, powerful in her delivery and charasmatic in her vocal style. The record is excellently produced and will have this English chap grooving to the beat for months to come.

What makes music the lifeforce that it is today, is the challange of it's ever changing evolution of bringing the new sound into it's own, each decade sees it and each time it's had it's moment but in this game it's longivity that counts and I feel that Silhouette Brown and their music will have that. A worthy TY-D pick indeed - period


Listen to Silhouette Brown - 'Spread That'




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