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Oct 1st 2004


She's 'Watching You' - Avani Avani ft: Carl McIntosh & Rahsaan Patterson - Watching You : (Dome Records)


Although a relative newcomer to the R&B music scene, Avani has captured the essence of R&B/soul with an uncanny calm and presence of a veteran. The 24-year-old South London native makes her debut on one of the UK's top indie label Dome with her album called 'The Real Thing'.

Avani started singing in her teens with a local band in South London, but after a few years the band broke up. It was during that time that she caught the attention of the legendary UK manager Tony Hall.

Tony's responsible for guiding some of the biggest names in the UK soul scene from The Real Thing, to Loose Ends to Lynden David Hall so when her material landed in his office, he knew he had found one extraordinary new artist and was keen to work with her. They met and the album was underway with the help of singer/producer Don-E (who produced 2 tracks) and newcomer Shaun Stanley also on board

On tap for todays review is her classic renindition of the Loose Ends smash hit from the 80s - 'Watching You' (a No.1 hit here in the states) featuring the originator of the song (none other than Carl McIntosh himself) and one of my favourite vocalists around today Rahsaan Patterson both adding their vocals to the song in the background capacity.

The song is a delicious take on it's counterpart, not straying too far from the original material. The song has kept it's original merit by tweaking it with the modern vibe of todays technology while all the time maintaining it's form. Avani had been singing with Carl in his revival shows (singing the vocals made famous by former lead vocalist Jane Eugene) and was only too happy to help with the track and Rahsaan was a fan of both Carl and Avani and just couldn't say no.

Says Avani: I love all those songs anyway and it's been a real thrill working on stage with Carl. And now, to have him singing on my album, it's incredible.

And it's incredible if you miss out on this one because it's absolutely wicked from top to bottom. The album is available now from Dome and various other outlets as well. Be sure to get a copy it;s a winner all the way. A worthy TY-D pick indeed - period


Listen to Avani ft: Carl McIntosh & Rahsaan Patterson - 'Watching You'




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