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Welcome to TYDmusic.com's Listening Center. Here you will find tracks that to me, are pure 'Rare Grooves' in every sense of the word. I would of liked to put the entire songs themselves but due to bandwidth restrictions and the size of the flies, I thought it would be better to just put samples of them. To listen, simply click on the track you'd like to hear. Each track is roughly between 30 seconds to 1 minute long. You will need IE 6.0 and a 'Media Player' to listen to the tracks.

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2nd Image - Can't keep holding on
2nd Image - Starting again

A Back 2 top

A Taste of Honey - Rescue me
AB's - Deja vu
Active Force - Give me your love
Active Force - I never thought I'd love again
Al Johnson - Peaceful
Angela Bofill - Guess you didn't know?
Anita Baker - Will you be mine?
Aquarium Dream - You're a star
Archie Bell and the Drells - It's hard not to like you
Arnie's Love - I'm out of your life
Atmosfear - Dancing in outer space
Ava Cherry - Gimme, gimme

B Back 2 top

Band AKA - Grace
Bar Kays, The - Nightcruising
Bar Kays, The - You can't run away
Barbara Acklin - You are the one
Barbara Lynn - You make me so hot
Barry White - Early Years
Basic Black - Special kind of fool
Beau Williams - Elvina
Ben E. King - Spoiled
Ben E. King - Street Tough
Benny Golson - I'm always dancing to the music
Beverley & Duane - Glad I gotcha baby
Beverley & Duane - I wanna be with you
Billie Holiday - One for my baby
Billy Paul - Let's make a baby
Billy Paul - Love buddies
Blackbyrds, The - Love don't strike twice
Blackbyrds, The - Rockcreek Park
Blair - Nightlife
Blue zone - Big Thing
Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - You're gonna get next to me
Bobbi Humphrey - The Good Times
Bobbi Humphrey - You make me feel so good
Bobby Glover - Bright Skies, Sunny Days
Breakwater - Love of my life
Breakwater - Say you love me, girl
Breakwater - The one in my dreams
Bros. Johnson - Closer to the one that you love

C Back 2 top

California Flight Project - California Flight
Carl Anderson - Magic
Caron Wheeler - I adore you
Central Line - You know you can do it
Cerrone - Music of Life
Cerrone - Strolling on Sunday
Chaka Khan - Get ready, get set
Change - Heaven of my life
Charles Earland - Let the music play
Charme - Gorgy Porgy
Chi Lites, The - Living in the footsteps of another man
Chic - A warm summer night
Chico Hamilton - VO
Chuck Mangione - Do you ever think about me
Cliff Dawson - It's not me you love
Coffee - Casanova
Coffee - My turn to burn
Commodores, The - You're Special
Controllers, The - Just in time
Controllers, The - Somebody's gotta win
Cool Notes, The - In your car
Cool Notes, The - Magic Lover
Curtis Mayfield - Give me your love

D Back 2 top

Dave Collins - Good Lovin'
David Joseph - Joys of Life 
Deco - I'm so glad (I met you) 
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Sweet rain
Dee Edwards - I can deal with that
DeLuxe - Forever in love
Deniece Williams - What 2 can do
Deniece Williams - Free
Dexter Wansel feat: Eleanor Mills - The sweetest pain
Don Armando's 2nd Ave Rhumba Band - Deputy of Love
Don Blackmon - Holding you, loving you
Don Blackmon - Since you been away so long
Don E - Me oh my
Donald Byrd - Places and spaces 
Donald Byrd - Think twice
Donald Byrd - Where are we going?
Donald Byrd - Wind Parade
Donny Hathaway - A song to you
Donny Hathaway - Lord, help me
Donny Hathaway - Someday, we'll all be free
Donny Hathaway - To be young, gifted and black
Dr Buzzard and the Original Savannah - Sunshower
Dramatics, The - Share your love with me
Dramatics, The - You're the best thing in my life
Dynamic Superiors, The - Shoe, shoe shine

E Back 2 top

Earth, Wind and Fire - Can't let go
Eddie Henderson - Open Eyes
Eddie Henderson - Prance on
Eddie Kendericks - Girl, you need a change of mind
Edee - Make it last
Edna Wright - Oops, here I go again
Ellis Hall Jr - Every lil' bit hurts
Emotions, The - A feeling is
Emotions, The - Cos' I love you
Emotions, The - Layed back
Esther Phillips - I hope you'll be very unhappy
Esther Phillips - Pie in the Sky
Ethel Beatty - It's your love

F Back 2 top

Faison - Say you love me
Fatback - So Delicious
Father's Children - Hollywood Dreaming
Faze-O - Riding High
Finis Henderson - Skip to my Lou
Foxy - Madamosielle
France Joli - Your good loving
Funk D'Lux - Tender Love
Fuse One - In celebration of the human spirit
Future Flight - Dues
Futures, The - Ain't no time for nothin'

G Back 2 top

Galliano - Golden Flower
Garfield Fleming - Don't send me away
Gen. Crook - The best years of my life  
Gen. Johnson - Let's fool around
Gene Chandler - I'll make the living if you make the loving
Gene Dunlap - It's just the way I feel
Gene Van Buren - What's your pleasure
George Duke - I want you for myself
George Duke - Someday
George Duke - Summer Breeze
Goody Whitfield - You & I
Glen Goldsmith - Save a lil' bit
Glenn Jones - Everybody loves a winner
Gloria Gaynor - This love affair
Glover Washington Jr - Paradise
Graig Derry - Trust in my love
Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five - Dreamin'
Grey & Hanks - How do you like without love
Greg Perry - Come on down
Gwen McCrae - All this love (that I'm giving)
Gwen McCrae - Keep the fire burning

H Back 2 top

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - I hope that we can be together soon
Harry Ray - Love is a game
Heatwave - Mind blowing decisions
Herbie Hancock - I thought it was you
Herbie Hancock - Summertime
Hi Tension - You're my girl
Hi Tension - If it moves you
High Fashion - Break up
High Fashion - Feeling lucky lately
High Fashion - I want to be your everything 
Hindsight - Heaven's just a breath away
Honeydrippers, The - Impreach the President
Horn Section, The - Lady shine
Howard Hewitt - Crystal Clear
Hubert Laws ft: Debra Laws - Land of Passion
Human Body, The - Love T.K.O.

I Back 2 top

Ingram - Would you like to fly
Invisible Man's Band, The - Along the way
Invisible Man's Band, The - Really wanna see you

J Back 2 top

J.R. Bailey - Just me 'n' you
Jacksons, The - Show you the way to go
James Mason - Sweet power, your embrace
James Mason - Free
James Mason - Funny Girl
Jane Burkin & Serge Gainlourge - J' taime
Janet Jackson - That's the way love goes
Jean Carn - My love don't come easy
Jeff Lorber - Think back & remember
Jeff Perry - I've got to see you right away
Jermaine Jackson - There is a better way
Jhelisa - Baby God
Jimmy Ponder - Treat me right
Joanna Gardner - Pick up the pieces
Joanna Gardner - Special Feelings
Johnny Bristol - Do it to my mind
Jon Luchin - Would you believe in me
Jones Girls, The - Nights over Egypt
Jones Girls, The - Sweet Ecstacy

K Back 2 top

Keni Burke - One min. more
Keni Burke - Risin' to the top
Keni Stevens - Cannot live without your love
Keni Stevens - Someone
Keith Barrow - You know you want to be loved
Kinsman Dazz - Forget about loving you
Kinsman Dazz - Get down w/feeling
Kleeer - Happy me
Kleeer - Intimate Connection
Kool & the Gang - Whisper softly

L Back 2 top

L.A.X - All my love
L.A. Boppers, The - You did it good
L.A. Boppers, The - Watching Life
L.R. Superstars - I just can't say it
Labi Siffre - I got the
Latimore - Sweet Vibrations
Latoya Jackson - Lovely is she?
Lemuria - Hunk of Heaven
Lenny White - I didn't know about love
Leo's Sunship - Madame Butterfly
Leo's Sunship - Give me the sunshine
Leo's Sunship - I'm back for more
Leon Bryant - Never
Leprechaun - Loc it up
Leroy Burgess - Get down, Friday night
Leroy Hudson - A lovers holiday
Leroy Hudson - Closer to the source
Lesette Wilson - Caveman Boogie
Lew Kirton - Heaven in the afternoon
Light of the World - London Town
Limit, The - Could this be love
Limit, The - Pop
Limit, The - She's so divine
Linda Lewis - Not a lil' girl
Linda Williams - Elevate your mind
Logg - I know you will
Logg - Lay it on the line
Logg - Something else
Logg - Sweet to me
Lonnie Smith - Babbit's other song
Loose-NDS - Don't hold back your love
Loose-NDS - Feels good right now
Loose-NDS - Hanging on a string (All Nite rmx)
Lou Courtney - I don't need anybody else
Love Unlimited - If you want me (say it)
Love Unlimited Orchestra - Whisper softly
Luther Vandross - Don't take the time
Luther Vandross - Promise me

M Back 2 top

M.C.B - Time is right
M.F.S.B - Mysteries of the World
Magic Lady - Give it up
Magic Lady - Hold tight
Magic Lady - I will be his fool
Magic Lady - With my love
Major Harris - I believe in love
Margie Joseph - Come on back to me lover
Marlena Shaw - Go away lil' boy
Martine Girault - Been thinkin' about you
Martine Girault - Bring back our love
Martine Girault - The Revival
Marvin Gaye - Turn on some music
Marvin Gaye - You sure love to ball
Maxeen - Is it meant to feel this way?
Maynard Ferguson - Mr. Mellow
McCrarys, The - Love on a summer night
McFadden and Whitehead - I've been pushed aside
Meshell Ndegeochello - Dredlocks
Michael Henderson - In the nighttime
Michael Wycoff - Looking up to you
Michael Wycoff - Love is so easy
Michael Wycoff - Still got the magic
Mighty Ryeders - Evil Vibrations
Mike and Brenda Sutton - Don't let go of me (grip my hips and move me)
Miles Jaye - I've been a fool for you
Miles Jaye - Let's start love over
Millie Scott - Every lil' bit
Milton Wright - Keep it up
Minnie Riperton - Baby, this love I have
Minnie Riperton - Lovin' you
Minnie Riperton - Oh, By the way
Modulations, The - Can't fight your love
Moments, The - Baby, Let's rap now
Movement 98 - Joy & Heartbreak
Mystic Merlin - Just can't give you up

N Back 2 top

Natalie Cole - Annie May
Natalie Cole - I wanna be that woman
Natural Four - Try love again
Natural High - I think I'm falling in love with you
New Horizon - I can't tell you
New Jersey Connection - Love don't come easy
Nolen & Crossley - Salsa Boogie
Norman Connors - Stella
Norman Connors - Wouldn't you like to see

O Back 2 top

O'Bryan - Doin' Alright
O'Bryan - Lady, I love you
O'Jays, The - Help (somebody please)
Omar - Music
Omar - There's nothin' like this
Omar - Winner
Osamu Kitajima - Say you will

P Back 2 top

Parris - Can't let go
Passage - Welcome to my groove
Passage-You can't be livin'
Passion - Midnight Lovers
Patrice Rushen - Remind me
Patti Austin - We're in love
Paul Weller - Above the clouds
Paulinho DaCosta - My Love
Phil Flowers - Stay awhile
Phyllis Hyman - Give a lil' more
Phyllis Hyman - You know how to love me
Pleasure - Sassafras Girl
Pleasure - Thoughts of Old flames
Plush - We've got the love
Positive Force - Tell me what you see
Project, The - The Soul
Pure Wildness - Ain't no use (Dub Wizard rmx)

Q Back 2 top

R Back 2 top

Rahiem - Does your man know about me
Ramp - Daylight
Ramp - Everybody loves the sunshine
Randy Crawford - I hope you'll be very unhappy without me
Randy Crawford - I stand accused
Randy Crawford - Sweetest Thing
Raw Silk - Do it to the music
Reggie Griffin - Whisper (in your ear)
Richie Family, The - Alright on the night
Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck-E's in love
Robin Beck - Suddenly
Robin Beck - Sweet Talk
Ron Banks - Let love flow
Ronn Matlock - I can't forget about you
Ronnie McNeir - I'm so in love with you, baby 
Rose Royce - Still in love
Roy Ayers - And don't you say no
Roy Ayers - For Real
Roy Ayers - Programmed for love
Roy Ayers - Sensitive
Roy Ayers - Sweet Tears
Roy Ayers - The 3rd Eye

S Back 2 top

Sade - I never thought I'd see the day
Sade - Killer Blow
Sass - Much too much
Shakatak feat: Al Jarreau - Day by day
Shakatak - Holding on
Shalamar - Take that to the bank
Shannon - Someone waiting home
Sherree Brown - Got to get away
Sherree Brown - It's a pleasure
Side Effect - I can't play
Side Effect - Midnight Lover
Smoke City - Dreams
Soul ll Soul - Fairplay
Starpoint - All night long
Starshine - All I need is you
Starvue - Body Fusion
Stephanie Mills - Put your body in it
Stephanie Mills - You can't run from my love
Steve Parks - Movin' in the right direction
Sugarhill Gang - Passion Play
Sunrise - I need you more than words can say
Sweet Charles - Yes, it's you
Sylvia Striplin - All Alone
Sylvia Striplin - You can't turn me away

T Back 2 top

Taja Savelle - Love is contagious
Tavares, The - Bad Times
Teddy Pendergrass - When somebody loves you back
Teena Marie - You make love like springtime
Terri Wells - Who's that stranger
Terry Callier - Ordinary Joe
Terry Callier - I don't want to see myself
Tom Brock - Have a nice weekend, baby
Tom Brock - There's nothing in this world
Tom Browne - Thigh high
Total Contrast - Sunshine
Total Contrast - Where is Love?
Trouble Funk - Don't try to use me
Trumains, The - Ripe for the picking
Trussel - Love Injection

U Back 2 top

Uncle Louie - Full Tilt Boogie
Unique - What I got is what you need

V Back 2 top

Valentine Bros, The - Lonely Nights
Vanessa Simon - Better Place
Vanessa Simon - Holdin' you, loving you
Vanessa Simon - Pack your bags
Vanessa Simon - Revelation
Vernon Burch - Lovely Lady
Vibrations, The - Shake it up
Viola Wills - Dare to dream

W Back 2 top

War - Summer
Webster Lewis - Give me some emotion
Wham - Like a baby
Whispers, The - I'm the one for you
Whispers, The - Make it with you
Whispers, The - Say yes
William DeVaughn - Figures can't calculate
Willie "Lil' Beaver" Hale - Groove on
Willie "Lil' Beaver" Hale - I really love you, baby
Womack and Womack - Baby, I'm scared of you
Womack and Womack - Love T.K.O

X Back 2 top

Y Back 2 top

Yasuko Agawa - LA Nights
Young Disciples - Apparently Nuthin'

Z Back 2 top

Zuchii - There ain't enuff love 
Zinc - This is where love is 


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