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Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, LoversRock, Dubwise all the Caribbean music you can handle 24/7 (not to mention Hip Hop and a touch of R+B). Listen to 'The Menu' featuring yours truly Sir Ty Duncan, Darudeone Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9 - 11 EST exclusively on Mixx96fm.com

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All the latest R+B, Soul and Rap videos you can find plus the latest news and reviews from the US' s only black owned cable television network.

Here you can purchase all your favourite CDs at below average prices CDpoint.com

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Blackmarket Music (UK)
One of London's Premier Record Shops - catering to the true DJ enthusiast both near and far. Everything from Disco to Deep house can be found here.

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BlueNote Records
Miami's only record shop to be voted 'Record Store of the year' by New Times Magazine 4 straight years. Find out why they are the best in Miami.

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Tower Records (UK)
The Mega Store Giant has now has stores in Japan, Germany and New York.  Any thing from Books to CDs, DVDs and more. Looking for a gift?

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Virgin Music (UK)
Another Mega Store Giant that has spread it's wings across the channel. Now located in Miami.

Music 'n' Video Xchange (UK)
The ultimate second hand record shop located throughout London with thousands of records at very reasonable prices. Check out their other locations for DJ tools and equipment as well.

Our Price Music (UK)
One of (if not) the oldest record shops in the UK with over 300 stores to date and counting.

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HMV Music (UK)
One of the most complete record shops in the UK offering monthly sales and specials at very reasonable prices. One not to be missed 

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Hard To Find Records (UK)
The name says it all for that hard to find record look no further than Hard To Find Records, the UK's answer to Miami's Blue Note Records.

In my opinion, the best soul internet radio station in the cyberspace universe no kidding have a listen, you'll see.
          Home of Lovers Rock - Ariwa
Ariwa Records (UK)
One of my favourite labels for Lovers Rock, Dubwise and Reggae. Have a gander and see for yourself.

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Music videos, movies, documentaries, the latest news and reviews and so much more.

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If you like to get information about artists and their music then The CD Database is right up your alley.

Internet Movie Database
The counterpart to CDDB where if flicks and movies is  your passion then you are right at home.


The ambassador of soul-David Nathan's excellent website. One of the most complete record shops site on the internet that caters to the serious collector

Rare groove central here - The very best in the soul music gender can be found here trust me.

Vintage vinyl, classic reissues and a whole lot more can be found here at very reasonable prices too. Don't overlook this site I rate it as one of the best out there for music.
           Spotlight on R&B
Spotlight on R&B
Most definitely one of my favourite sites for the latest news and updates on today's hottest R&B, Soul acts. Send Monique an email to get your own personal password to listen to the latest tracks.
All the latest hits from the US shores to across the pond can be found at CJ's very cool site. A really well designed website too I might add (webmasters take note).
           Soulwalking Classics
If you're into the classic "Rare Grooves" of the 70s as I am then this site will not disappoint you. Webmaster and DJ Toby Walker has given all the artists listed their own dedicated page with detailed facts about their life and careers as well as audio of their hits. A site not to be missed.
           The Soul of Amsterdam
The Soul of Amsterdam.com
Andreas Hellingh is a top DJ/Producer in his native land of Amsterdam who now spins on Soul24-7.com. He also has artist dedication pages and audio clips to listen to. Another terrific site.
           The Soul Boys
Several DJs from Soul24-7.com are features on this site including the ever popular Terry Jones and Niki.
           The charts - Billboard.com
All the charts from across the globe are accessible here as well as the latest news and reviews on today's hit makers - the worlds No.1 magazine where music charts are concerned tabulated according to soundscan surveys and reports.
            Dome Records
Home of UK's R&B, this independent record label celebrates it's 10th year in existence with a new compilation called 'Dome Cookin' a must have if you're a fan of UK's soul scene .
            UK's No.1 label for Soul & R&B
Stretching the boundaries of independent soul, (as the slogan goes) the No.1 label for UK'S Soul, Jazz, Funk and R&B has been giving us a delightful taste of soul heaven for years. With Richard Stearling and Ralph Tee at the helm, it's another fine independent label from my native UK.  
           Favourite Black DVDs
Looking for your favourite black actor or actress latest film on DVD or the latest hiphop movie stars like Jay Z, LL Cool J or Eve on DVD, then Black2dafutureDVDs.com is the site to find them.
           One of my favourite music shop out there
When it comes to the latest tracks from the hiphop and R&B world, there's no other site out on the net that compares to the UKs 2-funky. Located in Leicester, Vijay Mistry and co has a large inventory and friendly and knowledgable staff to help your every need.
           Top R&B mag around
M2fonline.com is a free monthly publication and is one of the premiere Hip Hop/R&B/Soul magazines out right now. It's known to be the UKs definitive urban music source for the latest news, reviews and club venues to work up a sweat. Although it's not yet graced US soil, you can subscribe to it through the website. As one of it's contributing writers, I can honestly say that they are second to none when it comes to the music scene gendre.

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