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May 15th '00          
Jun 1st          
Jun 15th          
Jul 1st          
Jul 15th          
Aug 1st          
Aug 15th          
Sept 1st          
Oct 1st          
Oct 15th          
Nov 1st          
Nov 15th          
Dec 1st          
Dec 15th          
Jan 5th '01          
Jan 12th          
Jan 19th          
Jan 26th          
Feb 2nd          
Feb 9th          
Feb 16th          
Mar 9th          
Mar 16th          
Mar 23rd          
Mar 30th          
Apr 6th          
Apr 13th          
Apr 20th          
Apr 27th          
May 4th          
May 11th          
May 18th          
May 25th          
June 1st          
June 8th          
June 22nd          
June 29th          
July 13th          
July 20th          
July 27th          
Aug 3rd          
Feb 15th '02          

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