Listed below is my top 30 rare groove songs to date. These songs celebrate the term 'Rare Groove' as they all fall under that category of which they are terrific tracks that are hard to find. So if you have them hold onto them and if not then take a trip back and listen to how music was really made with heart, dedication and feeling. You will need IE 5.5 and higher and a media player (preferably Windows Media or Real Player)

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Sir Ty Duncan's Top 30 Rare Groove Tracks

1. Artist: Faze-O 
Track::Ridin' high
Year: 1977
Comments: A classic track pure and simple, it's the type of song that symbolizes what a 'rare groove' track should be and is. Taken from the LP of the same name. This is a MUST have for any soul enthusiast

2. Artist: Starvue 
Year: 1980
Comments: Another classic track without a doubt, Chicago has given us legends like Curtis Mayfield and the Chi-Lites to name a few and now you can add Starvue as one as well. Taken from their only LP to date "Upward bound". This is one of my personal favourites.


3. Artist: The Futures 
Track::Ain't got time for nuthin'
Year: 1978
Comments: A track that shines through and through from start to finish what we call a 'classic 2-stepper' - doesn't come any better than this (rare groove or otherwise). Quality soul music 

4. Artist: Natalie Cole 
    Track::Annie May
Year: 1977
Comments: Natalie did some really great tracks earlier on in her career and she is at her very best here with one of those little gems that was hidden on  the "Thankful" album .

5. Artist: David Joseph 
Track: Joys of Life
Year: 1983
Comments: Very fond memories of this one back in the day and truly one of the best works to come from the former "Hi Tension" member. Taken from the LP of the same name

6. Artist: Leroy Hutson 
Track: Lovers Holiday
Year: 1976
Comments: Mr. Hutson was originally recruited by the late Curtis Mayfield as a replacement for one of the members for his group The Impressions. He would later sign to Curtis's label Curtom records where he could find his nitch and he's at his very best on this track. He's given us so many great tunes over the years but this record is top notch. Taken from the "Feel the Spirits" LP

7. Artist: Barry White 
Track::Early Years
Year: 1976
Comments: Barry has so many classics tracks that it was really hard to choose any just one, tunes such as "It's ecstasy when you lay next to me", "It's only Love", "Strange games and things" and "Whisper Softly" are all standards but this lil' gem taken from "The Man" LP is a true stand out. 

8. Artist: Ben E. King 
Track: Spoiled
Year: 1978
Comments: As the lead singer of The Drifters, Mr. King has one of those voices that just sticks in your head where songs are concerned (who can forget the classic "Stand by me") and this track signifies just that - Simply magnificent. From the LP "Let me into your life"

9. Artist: Light of the World 
Track::London Town
Year: 1982
Comments: What can I say about this tune except "a classic track period - nuff said". Taken from their 1982 album "Check us out" that features another classic in my mind in "No.1 Girl". For those who don't know it was Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick (of Incognito fame) who formed the group after his stint with Freeze. Another personal favourite from my youth era days.

10.Artist: Keni Burke 
Track::Risin' to the top
Year: 1982
Comments: Another monster of a classic track without a doubt. I remember the exact moment in time when I first heard this one I knew it would be huge then and it's still huge now as it enjoys it's 20th anniversary this year. If you find this one on original 12" or on LP get it. 

11.Artist: Minnie Riperton 
Track:: Baby, This love I love
Year: 1976
Comments: A legend in her own right, Minnie was tragically taken from us in 1979 at the tender age of 31 due to her battle with breast cancer but the plain and simple truth is that was a baritoness, she could sing a tune like no other and there'll never be another quite like her again let alone another that you can really compare to her. No one before or since can hit the high notes quite like Minnie does and that's what makes this young lady ever so endearing to listen to. Terrific track indeed.

12.Artist: M.F.S.B 
Track: Mysteries of the World
Year: 1980
Comments: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother (hence the initials for the band's name M.F.S.B) was formed by the Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff production team and they scored big with tracks like "TSOP" and "Love is the Message" in the mid 70s. But in 1980 they released a killer instrumental piece called "Mysteries of the World" taken from the album of the same name and the rest (as they say) is history for me.

13.Artist: Hi Tension 
Track:: If it moves you
Year: 1978
Comments: Hi Tension is one of those groups that did just the one LP and then they disbanded. The self titled LP contained classic hits like "British Hustle" and "Peace on Earth" but tucked away on there was this gem of a number that was highly overlooked at the time when the album originally released. 

14.Artist: Keith Barrow 
Track:: You know you want to be loved
Year: 1978
Comments: The album didn't quite stand up to par with me but this ballad is one of my all time favourite ballads from the late Mr. Barrow who died of the AIDS virus almost 20 years ago now in 1983.

15.Artist: Deco 
Track:: I'm so glad (I met you)
Year: 1980
Comments: From their very rare and hard to find LP "Fresh Idea" this little number to me is the highlight of the LP. Great track indeed

16.Artist: Lesette Wilson 
Track:: Caveman Boogie
Year: 1981
Comments: Lesette's jazz roots is very evident on this track which came to light at the tweet of the 'Jazz funk' era. A fantastic instrumentation of keyboards, drums, horns and strings are involved that makes this to me one of the best instrumentals ever made. If you find this get it well worth the money.

17.Artist: AB's 
Track:: Deja Vu
Year: 1982
Comments: Not much is known about them except they are French and the song is sung in French but this is an awesome track nevertheless.

18.Artist: Loose End 
     Track:: Don't hold back your love

Year: 1983
Comments: The 2nd single from Loose End from 1983 (who later that year changed their name to Loose Ends). Again the choice was a hard one because they have so many classic tracks to choose from but this track was just a preview of all the great songs that Carl McIntosh, Steve Nichol and Jane Eugene put together. Just terrific stuff from start to finish.

19.Artist: Sugarhill Gang 
Track:: Passion Play
Year: 1978
Comments: Another terrific instrumental piece and coming from the Sugarhill Gang too was somewhat of a surprise as you just wouldn't expect such a classic 'rare groover' from a rap group from that era but nevertheless a great track. Taken from the self-titled LP

20.Artist: Foxy 
Year: 1979
Comments: The fellas from Miami scored big with their disco hit "Get Off" back in '79 taken from the album of the same name but this one is definitely my favourites from the album. 

21.Artist: Willie 'Lil' Beaver" Hale
  Track::Groove on

Year: 1981
Comments: I could of chosen "Party down" as my track of choice from Willie for it is a very, very good song but this one just grabs you from start to finish and doesn't let go. A classic track indeed taken from the "Beaver Fever" LP, quality timeless soul.

22.Artist: Jean Carn 
Track:: My love don't come easy
Year: 1979
Comments: She has so many classic tracks "Don't let it go to your head", "Was it all it was", "I've got some catching up to do" comes to mind but this track is a true standout. Taken from the "When I find you Love" LP 

23.Artist: Phyllis Hyman 
Track:: Give a little more
Year: 1979
Comments: When Phyllis died in 1995, a part of me was truly at a loss. I loved her voice so much that I couldn't phantom the thought of not hearing any new tracks from her ever again. I have so many favourites where her songs are concerned that it was hard to pick but this one just symbolizes her as a fantastic singer

24.Artist: William DeVaughn 
Track:: Figures can't calculate
Year: 1980
Comments: He's best known for the timeless classic "Be thankful for what you've got" but this ballad of his is truly a classic indeed. From the album of the same name

25.Artist: Latimore 
Track:: Sweet Vibrations
Year: 1976
Comments: Latimore is one of those artists that never got the recognition he truly deserved but it's well deserved on this slow groove track of his. Taken from the album "It ain't where you've been

26.Artist: Parris 
Track:: Can't let go
Year: 1980
Comments: The only track I know of that they have done to date (not to be confused with Paris who did "I choose you" or at least I don't think so) but what a track nevertheless.

27.Artist: Natural Four 
Track:: Try love again
Year: 1974
Comments: Originally from San Francisco, CA, the Natural Four scored big in the early 70s with "Can this be real" and "You bring out the best in me" taken from their self-titled debut album for Curtis Mayfield's Curtom record label but this track is the one that stands out for me.

28.Artist: Side Effect 
Track:: Midnight Lover
Year: 1981
Comments: This is another favourite group of mine they had hits like the Stevie Wonder penned "Always there" and a cover of the Beatles "Eleanor Rigsby". This track taken from the "Portraits" LP that features a very young Miki Howard on lead vocals

29.Artist: Terri Wells 
Track:: Who's that stranger
Year: 1984
Comments: Taken from the only album (that I know of) from Terri to date called "Just like Dreaming" and this track is the cream of the crop.

30.Artist: Total Contrast 
Year: 1985
Comments: Delroy Murray and Robin Achampong who form Total Contrast never really got their due. Though they only made 2 albums with moderate hits in "The River" and "Takes a lil' time" - this delightful number is taken from their debut self-titled album. Great song

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