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Jun 15th 2004


No Stopping - Reel PeopleReel People - Can't Stop: (Papa Records)


Where music is concerned, in todays society a group that can marriage the harmonic sounds of both house and soul music is seldom found but then again there's Reel People.

Reel People is the brain child of DJ Oli Lazarus a prominant London DJ who has had aspirations to create his own music. Four years ago while managing Flying Records shop (which also served as the home of ChilliFunk) he met Tom Davidson a sound engineer working on material for ChiliFunk. The two quickly became best pals and began sharing his ideas about his passion for soulful music. This union brought about the first record - ‘Spiritual’ in 2001 on Oli’s newly formed label Papa Records. The track was an instant hit it got such an overwelming response that a second release soon followed in ‘Reeltime'. Again the track did the business on radio, in the clubs and more importantly at the cash register and so it was only logical the next step was to record an album.

In comes songwriter Mike Patto who came on board in 2002 and the two set about writing the debut album, 'Second Guess'. Next was the challenge of getting the band together and ultimately the members were vocalist Vanessa Freeman, (who's done vocals for 4 Hero and Nathan Haines who's vocals appear on Spiritual as well as sax and flute) Dyanna Fearon (who did vocals for D'Influence, Full Flava and is daughter of Phil Fearon) and DJ Spinna renowned NY DJ producer and remixer, Scott Baylis, Leon Stenning, Neville Malcolm (of Incognito), Dave De Rose (of Moloko fame), Sharlene Hector, Phil Asher, Seiji and Afronaugth (from the Bugz in the Attic production crew). With the concept in place and all the major principles joining forces the album was a fore gone conclusion.

'Can't Stop' is the kind of record that makes me love being a deejay. It incorporates all the elements of what a classic dance tune should give you (and this will be a classic tune in the coming years). Starting off with a soft morg keys intro a catchy bass line drops in and the vocals of Angela Johnson (of Cooly's Hot Box fame) just takes presence and guides you to bop your head and tap your feet and just plain shake a leg. It's fun, energetic, groovy with the touch of the elegance thrown in for good measure.

Although the album was released in the summer of last year in their native UK and around Europe, the single is now getting spins here in the states as the album will be released as a box set import here on June 24, of this year

A great single from a band that has a great future ahead of them. Much in the same vein as LA's 'The Rebirth' who's experimentation features largely in the development of how bring about the music. You can get the album at Amazon or hmv.co.uk - A TY-D Pick (period)

Listen to Reel People's - 'Can't Stop'

Sir TY






Soothing sounds - Angie StoneAngie stone - I Wanna Thank Ya (ft: Snoop Dogg) (J Records)


Angie Stone has been a busy young woman since her last set 'Mahogany Soul' dropped more than 2 years ago. For starters she moved into acting appearing opposite Cuba Gooding Jr and Beyonce Knowles in last years 'The Fighting Temptations' and the Roy Schnider vehicle 'The Hot Chick' and let's not forget the appearances on other artists projects (Joss Stone, Alicia Keys and Raphael Saadiq being but a few).

We already knew this woman had talent that much is evident in the longivity she has in the music industry but most were not aware of her beginnings as they was not lack luster but destiny awaited this seasoned traveller of the industry.

Angie was born in the town of Columbia, South Carolina where she became a gospel-trained soul singer. She realized that she wouldn't achieve her success in her native surroundings and so in her late teens she picked herself up and moved to New York. At that time a new genre of music called 'Rap' was surfacing and beginning to flurish and Angie wasted no time in seiging the opportunity. She switched gears to become a rapper with the guise of Angie B.

In the mid-80s, as rap was gaining more and more notoriety Angie formed the rap trio Sequence and became Sugarhill Records first ever female rap group (which was then home for the likes of The Sugar Hill Gang and Fearless Four and Positive Force). As Sequence they achieved moderate success with 'Funk You Up' 'Unaddressed Letter' and 'Simon Said'. The group disbanded in the late 80s leaving Angie to ponder other postures.

From this point on Angie really spreads herself from gigs with Lenny Kravitz and D'Angelo (as a background singer) to becoming the lead vocalist with the R&B group Vertical Hold, while at the same time writing songs for Mary J. Blige and SWV. Then Arista Records came calling and signed her as a solo artist to record an album. She enlisted friend Kravitz and boyfriend D'Angelo as co-producers on Black Diamond and the rest as they say is history.

Now with her 3rd 'Stone Love' beckoning on the horizon, Angie's first single from the set is the summer anthem 'I wanna Thank Ya' featuring the snizzle dizzle himself Snoop Dogg. The song is classic Angie with a solid baseline and smoultering horns driving the rhythm along to it's conclusion. The added incentive of Snoop Dogg makes it a prime time candidate for your listeninng ear

The album is in stores July 6th on her new label J Records. You can purchase it at the following fine record shops (free standing or online) Sam Goody and Dusty Groove. A TY-D Pick indeed

Listen to Angie stone (ft: Snoop Dogg) - 'I Wanna Thank Ya'

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