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Jun 1st 2004


Sweet recrod- Uschi ClassenUschi Classen - Soul Magic: (Earth Project)


Two sultry soul tracks to review today both of equal quality and excellence. I know its been a while since this record has been out but it just got a re-release and I just fell in love with it and you know me I just had to do a a review on it.

A lot can be said about how you travel in life and in the case of Uschi, her path had always involved music in some shape or form. Uschi Classen has been making a name for herself in the house arena for quite some time now. The London born native began her career from an early age training as a classical pianist as a child while at the same time schooling the double bass. After joining the London School Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Schools of Music she graduated as a qualifying grade eight pianist. During her youth, she discovered music that would ultimately influence her future, as she found herself listening to the sound systems playing in the London area who was playing everything from Soul to Funk, Jazz, Latin and Reggae.

Upon leaving school, Uschi found a job with the London production company 'The Family' where she trained as a programmer and worked as an in-house keyboard player for the studio cliental. It was in one such session that Uschi met up with artist/producer Ashley Beedle and the two began to work together more exclusively, ultimately leading her to leaving The Family after four strong years.

She and Andy were a fit and worked well together and this led her to play in the Black Science Orchestra and the Delta House Of Funk to name a few as well as collaborations with Phil Asher, Crispin J Glover and Tonny Svenson. She also
has produced as well as wrote tracks for Kylie Minogue and Robert Owens

Somewhere in there she found time to remix a few records too. Her now trademark remixes can be found on tracks by Jodeci, East 17, Lewis Taylor and most recently Jersey Street. Not one to stay behind the scenes for long, she ventured out with her own project 'Soul Magic' (which was released in 2002) featuring some of the house industry's elite singers around.

On the song Soul Magic she brings in soulful singer Dee Ellington who's sultry vocals is as the song said absolute 'soul magic'. Soft violin strings and morg keys drives the intro of the song as a sweet, soothing down tempo beat groove is served as the main course then enters Dee's lovely vocal cords which truly shines through from start to finish. A delicious slice of soul music that is very much magical on every level.

Although its hard to find you can get the album at Amazon and gemm.com so give her a listen to you just might be surprised at the end result - A TY-D Pick (for real)

Listen to Uschi Classen's - 'Soul Magic'

Sir TY






Doing things her way  - Deborah BondDebòrah Bond - Giving up (DB Records)


My second review comes courtesy of another stunningly beautiful and talented singer who's faily new to the soul arena. There are many accolades to discribe the sounds of newcomer Debòrah Bond, smooth, soothing, sultry, sexy, wicked to name a few all of which are very much worthy of her. With all the neo-soul female artists that are out and about nowadays it's refreshing to see an artist that has taken matters into her own hands

Such is the case for Debòrah who had a plan to make her mark on the industry. She has labored many a night constructing her music and by taking the route that seldom few artists do take nowadays makes her a dinosaur of her time. The New Haven, Connecticut native had aspirations to be a singer from as early as the age of 6 "I've known and felt music ever since I could remember. Music is all I've ever known", she says. She dreamed of being a singer but didn't think it would be a reality until the summer of 2001.

While taking a break from studying Music/Vocal Performance in Washington DC, she took the opportunity to sing at a New Haven restaurant. One night, out of the blue, a stranger approached her and told her that she possessed an amazing gift and should do something about it - and she did.

With her vocal chops impressing the massive of those that are both young and old, the 26 year old Debòrah embodies the elements of her idols Sade, Chaka Khan, and Anita Baker into making a style all her own (the name yet to be determined).

Giving up is much like the fore mentioned Uschi Classen's lovely track 'Soul Magic' as it too embodies the misty yet soothing soft keys intro that's driven home by a down-beat smooth groove. The journey then continues with Debòrahs lovely voice gliding you through the song with such effortless ease that in the end you feel as if it has enlightened you.

Just as stunning is Debòrah's live performances that is known to leave many a audience breathless in 2003. Throughout the summer of last year, she took to the stage as the opening act for the likes of Floetry, Kem, Dwele, Kindred the Family Soul, Donnie and Amel Larrieux. Seeing that she's still fairly new to the scene she's homing her craft like a seasoned veteran.

The album is called 'Day After' is released on her own label (DB Records) and you can purchase it at the following fine record shops (free standing or online) Tower Records, Dusty Groove, Amazon and CD Baby. The future looks bright for this young rising star who said "I know that God has put me here to sing" and you can see why with just one listen of her CD. A TY-D Pick indeed - no doubt (true say). 

Listen to Debòrah Bond - 'Giving Up'

Sir TY




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