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Apr. 15th 2004


The new soul wonder - Amp FiddlerAmp Fiddler - Waltz of the Ghetto Fly: (Genuine)


A musician with talent that speak volumes is a good description to bestow on Mr. Fiddler but the truth of the matter is that it barely scratches the surface of the talent this young man truly possesses.

Joseph 'Amp' Fiddler, a native of the Motown sound home town of Detroit, MI got his start in music with Enchantment (yep the very one from the 70s and 80s who had hits like 'It's you that I Need' and 'Gloria'). How the two came to meet is not clear (as there was no details given on his website about it) but during his time with them he toured throughout the country and got to experience playing in one of the most famed buildings in the US as far as music is concerned - Carnegle Hall (playing here normally would mean you've become a star - a hint of things to come I think). On his road to progression, he also worked with George Clinton's P-Funk family in the early 90s and released his first album (with his brother Bubz under the name of Mr. Fiddler) called 'With Respect'.

For those of us who's familiar with house music knows Amp very well as his voice has graced many a house tune. Tracks like the phenomenal 'I'm Doing Fine' as well as Only Child's U Bring Me Vibes' will find him moving you. Carl Craig's 'Detroit Experiment' also features Amp who provided keys as well the vocals on a cover of Stevie Wonder's 'Too High'. Not one to stand still on his morals, Amp wanted to venture into his world of music and has created a touch of southern comfort magic where soul music is concerned in the shape of his debut release 'Waltz of the Ghetto Fly'.

Searching through the album will find you at times you're listening to the likes of his royal badness Prince for his originality and flair or Curtis Mayfield for his technical sound production or even Sly Stone for his excellent instrumentation as suggested in the title track. 'Superficial' incorporate a smooth house groove combining disco elements of the late 70s, giving you a refreshing taste for house music as a whole. 'You can't Get Me Off Your Mind' steadily hold true to form (comparison comes to mind in Remy Shand's The Way I Feel).

'I Believe in You' is the perfect introduction for everyone to get acquainted with this talented keyboardist/singer/songwriter. The material through not suggestive (like a lot of today's R&B choons) offers you music with heart felt meaning, rhythms that are delged in excellent melodic sounds. If you're not feeling this song, then you're lacking soul in you.

Other notables include 'Love & War', 'Possibilities', 'Soul Divine' and 'Dreamin' The jury's out and the verdict is in - A winner on all counts for the soul/house fan. No sophisticated twists and turns just good old fashion soul/house music brought to life from the mind of one of the genre's brightest, upcoming urban artists (if I can call him 'urban')

His album is in stores and record shops now so become a fan or even if you're not one, on your travels get acquainted with his work you might find it to be interesting listening - A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Amp Fiddler's - 'I Believe in You'

Listen to Amp Fiddler's - 'Superficial'

Sir TY






Cultural Vibes - NadirNadir - Distorted Soul: LP (Eclipse America Productions)


Another singer/songwriter who hails from the south figuratively speaking (this time from the state of Tennessee) is newcomer Nadir. Born Jonah Nadir Omowale, Nadir (which means rare and unique) brings to the table a unique prospective in his music.

From an early age Nadir performed in school bands and church choirs in the small town of Elizabethton, Tennessee. He got his start professionally doing background vocals, playing bass, as well as being production and songwriting assistance to several Pop, Rock, Jazz, Gospel and R&B projects. He then became the front man for Dancing With Ellie a progressive rock band that attracted some major label attention.

It wasn't long before doors would open for him as he was asked to be the bassist for alternative hip-hop artist Me Phi Me and as part of the act shared the stage with the likes of Public Enemy, Arrested Development, Rage Against the Machine and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (featuring Spearhead's Michael Franti and jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter). Then came Jack Johnson, (the group he co-founded with guitarist Paul Cochrane), named in honor of the first Black heavyweight boxing champion he found moderate success with their music being featured in the Pamela Anderson film 'Barb Wire'

Now with the grit between his teeth Nadir has ventured out on his own with the solo release 'Distorted Soul'. Enriched in both tradition and innovation, Nadir refuses to obey the laws of standard music and has fused the genres of blues, funk, soul and jazz to bring together an album of real quality work that is very easy on the listening ear. His lyrics can be considered thought probing with a massage yet as tender as the night. With topics such as love, romance, liberation and social consciousness on his mind, it's very clear not to mistake this as a preacher but rather a storyteller.

The album's introduction - 'Prelude to Revolution' is a collage of freedom right speeches ranging from Fannie Lou Hamer to Martin Luther King, Jr told over steady guitar licks and a reggae driven baseline. The following 2 tracks 'Slave' and 'Conspiracy' is socially conscious driven speaking in detail of the days of slavery in this country and the conspiracy theory of what ifs respectively. You have the feeling that this is personal (and if you're African-American, it is)

The ballads are represented too with 'All over you' - a guide (if you will) to loving your partner, 'Fortune and Fantasy' looks into the future of a relationship bending and the highlight of the CD (for me at least) is the jazz oriented 'Queen of Sheba' in which a man set his sights on landing himself a nubian queen.

The album is available now (released late last year) and can be found online at his website www.distortedsoul.com as well as CD Baby, Amazon.com, Tower Records and CDNow and Borders.com. A TY-D Pick true say - no doubt

Listen to Nadir's - 'Queen of Sheba'

Listen to Nadir's - 'All over you'

Sir TY




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