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Feb. 1st 2004


Beckoning your 'Attention' - KelisBrandy ft: Fats - Never Be: (Atlantic)


Brandy's been through a lot recently. Before releasing her album 'Full Moon' (her 3rd for her label Atlantic), she was away from anything music for 3 plus years. During that time she got married (very secretly I might add), became a mom then seperated from her producer husband Robert Smith during the release of the album.

With all this going on and the acting gig also coming to a close, Brandy turned her attention to music making an appearance on G Unit's latest 'Stunt 101' video and also started working on her 4th yet-to-be-titled album.

She's doing a lot of growing up not only in the public eye but in her personal journey as well ''A part of yourself is taken from you in the public eye, and that was one of my problems. I didn't know who I was because so many people had this idea and image of me that wasn't necessarily who I was. But I've experienced some things and I've learned some lessons, good and bad. I'm a woman now."

So how does the little girl from McComb, Mississippi handle things now well for starters she's sent us a taster from the forthcoming set which is the song I have on review here today. 'Never Be' is enriched with today's flavourous beats and rhythms. Brandy maturity seems to be blossoming with the hook down pack as guest rapper Fats lays down the tale of the story. Brandy's form seems to be formulated at times but she is Brandy and she still has her distinctive vocal range - nicely done..

No word on when he album is out but I'm sure that if this one is any indication to go on then her fans will be happy - A TY-D Pick

Listen to Brandy ft: Fats - 'Never Be'

Sir TY






Hit in the making - Young GunzYoung Gunz ft Rell- No better Love (Roc-a-Fella)


As you might suspect I've never really reviewed alot of rap or hiphop tracks mainly for the fact that I've never really been a huge fan of the gender but for a few acts (A Tribe called Quest, Mos Def, Common and The Black Eyed Peas comes to mind) so hearing the latest from these fellas was instant to my ears.

So just who us The Young Gunz well they are 2 lads who grew up together in the rough neck neighbourhoods of the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, in a neighborhood filled with the elements - poverty, drugs and gangs.

It was the love of basketball brought Hanif 'Neef' Muhammad and Christopher 'Chris' Ries, together and both resisted the temptation of their surroundings to create another temptation - the love of hip hop. Thier claim to fame came early with their first outing when the track 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop' was added to the Roc-a-Fella compilation 'State Property Vol 2' disc.

With that said the track in review here 'No better Love' gets you from the get go. A classy baseline, piano keys and synths with Rell singing an infectous hook, the lads dive into their lyrics with no end in sight shifting and sliding the words with effortless ease. A catchy track that has hit written all over it.

Although it's been out for a minute, this one should fair well on the radio and club circuit and the album is in stores now so if you like your hip hop rugged and raunchy then this one is for you. A TY-D Pick for you to check out

Listen to Young Gunz ft: Rell - 'No Better Love'

Sir TY




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