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Sept 15th 2000

Avant - My First Love: (MJM/MCA)


At first, when I heard his 'first' single 'Separated ' I'd swear it's R. Kelly who was singing and I'm sure he was compared to him in many aspects of the song but Avant holds his own on this modest remake done originally by Rene and Angela.

He teams up Ketara "Ke Ke" Wyatt who provides the female lead vocals and 'My First Love ' is really not bad considering, the harmonies are clean, crisp and modest and all together gives the song a modern facelift by not taking anything away from the original. Taken from his debut album called 'My Thoughts' which is available on Magic Johnson Music (yes the former Laker basketball legend has a label) and is in stores now. This track should find its way into the Adult Contemporary/Urban R+B radio station formats across the globe. A Ty-D Pick.






De La Soul - Art Official Intelligence: LP (Tommy Boy)


The lads are back as the trio that form De La Soul (Dave, Pos, and Mase) drops their 5th album entitled 'Art Official Intelligence ' (Tommy Boy). 

The first single is the catchy call out anthem 'Oooh ' which features Redman firing away lyrics in the b-boy fashion and Sparkle providing a 'spark' with the hook. This bubbly track that is catching on at radio stations across the country

The entire set features the 'who's who' in Rap and R+B music. Mike D and Ad Rock (from Beastie Boys fame) let loose with the Lads on the fast-paced old-school bumper 'Squat.'  On 'U Don't Wanna B.D.S', DJ Maseo has a go in the  solo dept, as he cuts and scratches with true finesse and 'I C Y'all ' features the ever energetic Busta Rhymes flowing as only Busta can. ' My Writes ' features the reunion of Tash, J-Ro and Xzibit of the The Alkaholics and the next single 'All Good ' features old school soul diva Chaka Khan in fine form. 

Rap Music in general is enjoying it's most successful year to date with the likes of Eminem, DMX and Jay Z and I wouldn't be surprised if De La Soul follows suit. A most-def Ty-D pick





Outkast - B.O.B. (Bombs over Baghdad): (Laface/Arista)


Andre 3000 and Big Boi are at it again as they unload the 1st single from their forthcoming album 'Stankonia ' (avail. Oct 31st 2000) Outkast have always tested the boundaries of rap music and B.O.B  is very evident of that sentiment.

With a bass drop reminiscence of a Miami Bass track, the boys give us a tasty treat with a track that is strong on content and heart. Dre flows at his usual million words a minute and Big Boi even things out to give the song that perfect balance. Radio programmers should not overlook this one because it offers something different from the norm that's on the charts at the moment and that is a refreshing thought. 

I'm definitely looking forward to the whole album, if this is any indication of what to look forward to then they will make some noise on the charts.  A most-def Ty-D pick.






Macy Gray - Still : Attica Blues rmx (Epic/Sony)


The lady who won the lil' moon man for 'Best New Artist of the year' (MTV's VMA) is relishing the fruits of her labor by working with some of the best talent in the business (Mos Def and Guru recently comes to mind) and with this one (working  with English trio Attica Blues ) her latest offering from her debut album 'On how life is '.

At first listen to 'Still ' you might think its a remix of 'I Try ' with the intro but then the pace swiftly changes and then it happens, a sweet drop beat creeps into the picture and you are awakened by the syncs and loops of mellow drama. This is a great record and this remix can only be found on the limited edition 'Macy Gray: Rmx  CD so if you find a copy be sure to check out the remixes on 'Do Something ' and 'I try '.






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