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Jan 15th 2004


Beckoning your 'Attention' - KelisKelis ft: Raphael Saadiq - Attention: (Arista)


After exploding onto the music scene some 4 years ago with her mega hit single 'Caught Out There', from her '99 debut, Kaleidoscope (remember the chant 'I hate you so much right now!' that everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs in both the car and clubs alike), Kelis has been steadily warming the charts with her sexiness and raw charm in her music.

Her sophomore set 'Wanderland' was released two years later in Japan but not in the US (do figure?) and although it was lodged with heavyweight producers like The Neptunes (who produced the miner hit 'Young, Fresh & New' among others), the set never found an audience in it's initial release there or her but may I be so bold to say that quite frankly America just wasn't ready for the likes of her music.

With this in mind she returns in 2003 with her 3rd set (and first for new label Arista) 'Tasty'. Employing the services of The Neptunes again as well as Raphael Saadiq and Andre 3000 (of Outkast fame) to name a few, she doesn't miss a beat as her musical range is well explored throughout especially the songs produced by Saadiq.

And speaking Raphael Saadiq, the track on review here today 'Attention' is one that was produced by the former frontman ofTony, Toni, Tone and features him in the guest vocalist category as well. As is the norm with Mr. Saadiq, he does the business on the production side of things. Steadily driven baseline and synthetic cords and a hint of piano keys are evident throughout and the Bronx native vocal presence is poignant - full marks.

The album has been out for a bit and has some choice cuts that beckons your 'Attention' (get it?) it's definitely one that you should a listen to so do check it out if or when you get a chance - A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Kelis ft: Raphael Saadiq - 'Attention'

Sir TY






Getting a facelift - KandiKandi ft: 50 Cent - Cheatin' on me: (Groove Mix) (CD-R)


As one of the original members of the platinum-selling quartet Xscape, Kandi Burruss became a voice to be reckoned with as she sang lead on the group's debut hit, 'Just Kickin" It' in 1992, but her talent didn't just stop there either as she could also write a song or two. How evident is her writing talents you might ask well she's got a Grammy for penning TLC's universal mega-smash hit 'No Scrubs', as well as becoming the first woman to receive the coveted ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Award for Songwriter of the Year.

After 3 albums with Xscape, Kandi graduated to the next level in her career as a songwriter scoring hits for Destiny Child's ('Bills, Bills, Bills') and *NSync ('Makes Me Ill') to name a few and it was only a matter of time before she would release her solo set 'Hey Kandi' in 2000.

Which leads me to the track on review. The song is the debut single from Kandi and it gets the re-work treatment some 3 years after it's initial release. Featuring rap music's hottest property right now in 50 Cent on the rap intro, this updated version gets' a beefier baseline lifting pieces of Busta Rhymes 'Put your hands where my eyes can see' gently throughout. Kandi's voice is in fine form but is only there for a half of the song the rest of the track is a long instrumental which for most DJ's is a delight but for the music fan can be bit much to take.

Decent remix nevertheless and one that should find a home in the club circuit as well as radio (but that remains to be seen). A TY-D Pick for you to check out

Listen to Kandi ft: 50 Cent's - 'Cheatin' on me (Groove Mix)'

Sir TY




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