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Jan 1st 2004


Still in Love - Sean PaulSean Paul ft: Sasha - I'm still in love with you: (Atlantic)


2003 was some year for dancehall's No. 1 toaster and DJ Sean Paul. After scoring big with such hits as 'Gimme the Light', 'Get Busy' as well as guess appearances on Busta Rhymes 'Make it Clap' and Beyonce's 'Baby Boy' among others (all of which spent time at the No.1 spot of the Billboard Top 100 and Rap charts), the Jamaican native returns with hopes of doing more of the same with a fresh new take on one of my favourite Lovers Rock tracks Marcia Aiklins - 'I'm still in Love (with you boy)'

Taken from his 3rd LP 'Dutty Rock', 'I'm still in love with you' although sporting a beefier baseline, doesn't stray too far from the original version and highlights newcomer Sasha sweet voice on background vocals as well as providing the hook. Sean's delivery is precise and deliberately straight to the point with an even flow about it but that's what we grown to expect from the laser lyricist. A well balanced track throughout with excellent production on all levels.

Looking for a place to stay on radio station formats across the globe, Sean will score big with this one both on radio and in the clubs as it definitely has the potential to do so. It's another top ten hit for the man.

The album has been out for a bit but if you're into crossover dancehall (as I would call it) it's definitely one that you should pick so do check it out if you get a chance - A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Sean Paul ft: Sasha 'I'm still in love with you'

Sir TY






Idol effort - Ruben Studdard Don E - Lonely: (CD-R)


Kicking off the new year in true style with this young man. It's been a while since we last heard new material from singer Don-E. The South Londoner native debut set 'Unbreakable' released in 92 is a rare gem that's sort after by the true soul enthusiast nowadays and then followed 'Changing Seasons' which highlights Don-E's growth as a singer. If you're lucky to own either of of these then it's best to hold onto them as it exchange decent money for the record collector.

Dropped from the Island UK roaster, the latest release from Don-E is a promo only 5 track EP that's not yet in stores and is venturing out on the independent front. On review here today is 'Lonely' a delicious slice of soul heaven offered on tap. Drenched in Moog keys, soft tones and the hint of the old organ all of which is driven by a wicked baseline, 'Lonely' finds Don-E shining at his very best as he delivers yet another steller performance on the mic.

There's been much speculation about whether his full length will be released and to be honest it's still up in the air as they sort out distribution but one can only hope that they do release it as it is an excellent EP and if this is any indication to what's in store on the album then we are in for a real treat.

The one thing about doing this review that I hate is that I have no more info in regards to whether he has a website site to get updates and more info on him but nevertheless, this one gets top marks from me - A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Don-E's 'Lonely'

Sir TY




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