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Nov. 15th 2003


Still playin - Alfonzo HunterAlfonzo Hunter - V.I.P. rmx (Jive)


It's hard to believe that it's been more than 7 years since Alfonzo's impressive debut 'Blacka the Berry' first dropped. Produced by the 'Green Eyed Bandit' we know as Erick Sermon the set gave us a couple of massive hits in 'Just the way (Playas play)' and 'Weekend Thang'.

Now Alfonzo returns with his latest single V.I.P the remix and although it's been a while since we last heard form him, his latest stem some merit for staying true to form.

Although it's not another 'Just the way (Playas play)' this track is armed with a solid base line, tilted scratches and some synchs to boot, the song has Alfonzo singing in tune as he gives the lyrics life. Production is on point too although no one's listed as producer here.

Though it's on a promo only format at the moment, there's light at the end of the tunnel for it being released as a full fledge single (time will tell, eh)

Be sure to give this song a listen to and request it frequent and often once you hear it because it 's a decent effort by Alfonzo and should definitely get airplay somewhere - A TY-D Pick

Listen to Alfonzo Hunter's 'V.I.P'

Sir TY






Very Soulful - Candy Dulfer Candy Dulfer - My Love : (Eagle Rock)


What can you say about a talent as lovely as Candy Dulfer. The sexy saxophonist has been in the spotlight ever since she was a little girl seeing that she was the daughter of prominent saxophonistHans Dulfer.

Candy started playing the sax at the age of 6 and got to be very good at it in a short amount of time. Her raw ability to learn notes quickly often put her ahead of the rest and seeing that, her father Hans soon recognize the nature of talent his little girl has and enters her into the local brassband Jeugd Doet Leven in Zuiderwoude. It was during her time here that she switches playing from soprano to alto saxophone.

Gaining valuable experience and (as well as exposure) was destined for the bright young star as she joined her father on stage for her very first solo at the age of 11. From there she appeared with her father on several of his gigs and played at various venues in and around her hometown of Amsterdam, The Netherlands making a name for herself and forming her first band called Funky Stuff at the tender age of 14. The band thrives and before long they find themselves opening for his Purple badness himself Prince. Impressed by her talent he invited her on his world tour but seeing that she wanted to be a headliner herself declined and met up with Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics and the rest as they say.....is history

On review today is 'My Love' the new or soon-to-be released single taken from her latest album, 'Right in my Soul'. Although the album's been out for a while, this track truly represents her in a more soulful mood as she sings a storm too. Slight whistle tones, a thumping bass and of course her saxophone playing highlights this track as one of the best on the album. Production is excellent as the song is produced by the hot English production and songwriting duo Jon Kingsley Hall and George Stewart.

This track is a firm favourite and should sit well on radio stations playlist everywhere, it wouldn't surprise me that it lands in the Top Ten on any of their playlist countdown. The album (which is also excellent) is in stores now you might want to add this one to your Christmas shopping list in the near future. A terrific song from the very sexy Candy and a TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Candy Dulfer's 'My Love'

Sir TY




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