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Nov 1st 2003


Excellent return - Alicia KeysAlicia Keys - You don't know my name (J Records)


Her debut release 'Songs in A Minor' has garnered notoriety beyond her wildest dreams bagging several major awards along the way including the American Music Award and Grammy for talented new singer and songwriter.

After taking the music industry by storm two years ago, Alicia made a significant and immediate impact upon the music world, launching a new breed of female singer one that actually plays her instrument and sings too. Alicia has trained to be a classical pianist her entire life and has had the life long dream to be a performer ever since she could walk. The passion to live and experience her love for music is very much the key ingredient in her craft. And with that said, we come to that time where we take a gander at her latest, the lead off single 'You don't know my Name' taken from her follow-up sophomore set 'The Diary Of Alicia Keys'.

Produced by the up and coming, in at the moment newcomer Kanye West, 'You don't know my Name' is a throw back to the music of the 70s with it's rich orchestral strings and overtones lavished over the modern day bass tempo. Alicia's poise and depth are reached at each apportioned moment the song warrants it and sees that her talent has natured maturely, growing very nicely as a female vocalist should. The album features some of today's hottest young producers including Ray Chew, former Tony, Toni, Tone member Dwayne Wiggins and ol' school rapper/producer Easy Mo Bee

Can she live up to the success of her debut I would think not as only time will tell us that but that's ok as most never expected her to 'blow up' the way she did in the first place which leaves her room for reflectment and disappointment so I feel she can only grow as an artist from here on out as every disappointment is a blessing in it's own right.

Be sure to give this song a listen to and request it frequent and often because it will occupy the charts top ten and land her another number one single - A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Alicia Key's 'You don't know my name'

Sir TY






Solid effort (as always) - Me Shell Ndegeochello Me Shell Ndegeochello - Comfort Woman: LP (Maverick/WB)


As diverse a singer as they come, Me Shell Ndegeochello does not fit the mold of your modern day soul singer. Her 'what you see is what you get' attitude is always driven home but her heart and soul is definitely in her music. She's been one of those artists that delivers the goods on every project she does, you know you're getting a body of work that is passionate, true in stature and grit and although she has not gotten the recognition she truly deserves that she's constantly rediscovering herself as a person and performer.

Her no nonsense approach to creating and making music is as delicate and as sensitive as her lifestyle. And while it's well documented that her sexual preference is the female, it's takes nothing away from her music as most would be pigeonholed into one area of the music gender, whether it be Folk, Pop, Rock, Soul, Reggae or R&B.

Her latest attack on the social conscious public is 'Comfort Woman', the 5th installment on Madonna's label Maverick Records for whom she was the 2nd act signed to back in 1994 (Alanis Morrisette being the 1st). The one word that comes to mind to describe 'Comfort Woman' is diverse, as all areas of modern music is represented from Folk/Rock (Lilliquoi Moon) to Jazz (Come Smoke my Herb) to Lovers Rock - yes I said lovers Rock (Love Song No.1) to Reggae Rockers (Fellowship).

'Body', the first single taken from the album represents her soul side in more ways than one as we are taken on a journey of immense pleasure, hinting on the sexual side of things. Production is excellent as the song is drenched with light guitar licks layered over a soft textured bass groove. A firm favourite for radio stations playlist I'm sure.

The album is in stores now you might want to add this one to your collection in the near future. A terrific set from Me Shell and a TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Me Shell Ndegeochello's 'Body'

Listen to Me Shell Ndegeochello's 'Love Song No.1'

Sir TY




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