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Oct 1st 2003


For Mom - Lemar Lemar - 50/50 (Sony)


Newcomer Lemar Obika aka Lemar has been getting a lot of notoriority for his singing ability and rightfully so. The singer first came to the public's attention after being in the BBC's Fame Academy contest and although he didn't win (he came in third behind eventual winner David Sneddon and runner-up Sinead Quinn) he now has stepped out on his own to persue his career as a singer.

His highlight there was meeting and singng a duet with former Commodores frontman Lionel Richie who visited the Academy during his time there. It was Lemar who was asked to perform a duet...Lemar described the performance itself as, "a special moment, I can't believe I've done it still".

The 24-year-old bank account manager who was born and raised in London is now focusing hard on his singing career after recently losing his mother to cancer a few months back.

The single reviewed here is the follow up to his debut single Dance (With U), and it's quite a stunner. Built on a solid baseline, the song samples Marcus Miller's 1983 classic track Much too Much made infamous by Jay Z who borrowed the piece for his track 'Can't knock the Hustle' Sounding alot like the other TP sound a like crooner Jahiem in some respects, Lemar's vocal presence is strong and mature evident of his recent performances with the likes of Beverley Knight, Usher and Destiny's Child. A delicious track across the boardsand one that you should listen to - over and over again, great stuff. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Lemar's '50/50'

Sir TY






Solid output - Dennis TaylorDennis Taylor - Now that I've found you (Dome)


R&B singer Dennis Taylor returns to the spotlight once again with his latest single 'Now that I've found you taken from his forthcoming 3rd Dome release 'In the Mood' due in record shops October 13th.

The Brooklyn born New Jersey native again collaborated with producers Fred McFarlane and Darryl James on the album with Rahsaan Patterson serving as writer on one of the tracks as well as Jamey Jaz, and Brook Richardson who has previously written for Luther Vandross.

The song itself is a classic example of the signature formula used from Dennis's past hits. Both his style and sound is present with Dennis's vocal chops doing the business as you would expect. I was expecting a bit more of a stretch from what Dennis has done in the past but nevertheless it's a great track - typical of the man.

The track is set to go to radio this week so be sure to give it a listen and request it frequent and often as it will occupy the charts top ten I'm sure - A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Dennis Taylor's 'Now that I've found you'

Sir TY




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