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Jun 15th 2003


Stll going strong - The Isley Brothers Isley Bros - Prize Possession (Dreamworks)


The Isley Brothers are truly the pinnacle of what longevity is all about in the music industry. They started out in the 60s as a 3 brother act (Rudolph, Kelly and Ronald) and struck gold with their mega hits 'Shout' and 'This old heart of mine (is weak for you)'.

The group then created their own record label (T-Neck) in the early 70s and added brothers Marvin, Ernie and cousin Chris Jasper to the group and gave us the classic gems 'Footsteps in the Dark', 'Between the Sheets', 'Groove with You' and countless others during the 70s and 80s making them a stable in our generation for soul music.

Some five decades later, the brothers are still going strong and although there's just two brothers who are left in the group now (Ronald aka 'Mr. Biggs' and Ernie), their music is still of the highest quality.

Their latest offering is 'Prize Possession' lifted from their brand new album 'Body Kiss', this is a track that skips all the traits of the signature Isley Brothers of old, to be replaced by a solid groove of a baseline (courtesy of R-Kelly) and piano keys rather than guitar riffs. The song is both soothing and pleasing to the listening ear, a real winner in my book and to me the highlight of the album.

Speaking of the album, it's now available in record stores everywhere and you should put it on your shopping list as one to get - after all it's The Isley Brothers here. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Isley Bros's 'Prize Possession'







He's back - Miles JayeMiles Jaye - Humanity: (Black Tree)


Miles got his start working with Phyllis Hyman as instrumentalist while moonlighting for two years as a member of the Village People (the Policeman). After sending a tape of his songs to Teddy Pendergrass he was signed to Teddy's Top Priority Productions and recorded an album 'Miles',which was later released by Island Records in 1987.

Miles returned the favour by writing and producing 'Good To You' and 'I'm Ready' for his album 'Joy' before signing directly to Island.

In the 80s, Miles Jaye was the toast of the town with the now classic track 'I've been a fool for you' and released 2 albums in the 80s Miles (Island 1987), Irresistible (Island 1989) from which 'I've been a fool for you' was taken from and in the early 90s Strong (Island 1991) but was not heard from for the next 8 years.

In 1998 he resurfaced with a new label label (Black Tree) and a new album Odyssey. 3 more albums soon followed in the year 2000 (Divine Ascension , Romantic Storm and Christmas without You) which brings me to his latest set 'Humanity'

From the offset you knew that you are in for a treat with the uprising title track making a statement for all who cares about humanity. The beginning of the song takes off like a layered jet that soars at take off and lands on strong guitar licks as Miles tells us it's 'not too late'. 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' shines on it's own merit as one of the gems on the disc as it tells the tale of the chase e of a beautiful woman. Sweet Honey, Sweet Cream is simply about doing the dirty deed.

'Promise Me' and 'Love Affair' offer a mid tempo groove leaning towards ballad territory but 'Objective' crosses that path with Miles delivering a somber performance and 'Message',

This one doesn't disappoint and I'm sure you'll agree with that once you've got your own copy and get a gander. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Miles Jaye's 'Humanity'





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