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Jun 1st 2003


Talented brother - Raheem Devaughn Raheem DeVaughn - Until (Jive)


Every once in a while, a voice draws your attention for it's raw and distinctive power it possesses, Rashaan Patterson has it, Maxwell and Omar as well. One such new talent who fits that mold is newcomer Raheem DeVaughn,

Raheem is the son of 70's crooner William DeVaughn who had major hits with 'Be thankful for what you've got' and 'Figures can't calculate'. The talented young singer has carved a name for himself in recent years as one half of the Washington DC based group CrossRhodes (who has a couple of nice tracks drop last year in 'Balance' and 'Put in Work') as well as Urban Ave 31 and now ventures out on his own with his latest single 'Until'

Last year Raheem had a track called 'My Own Thing' taken from the 'Drumline' soundtrack that garners some attention on the national homefront which only meant that it's just a matter of time before he surfaces and surfaces he does with this track.

The song is excellently penned and produced and uses The Isley Brothers 'Footstep in the Dark' as the backbone throughout the song. Raheem's voice is seasoned and well tuned with the definition of a young Donnie Hathaway coming to mind in his baritone.

Though there's no album available as of yet I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from this talented young singer who's on the verge of hitting it big. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Raheem DeVaughn's 'Until'







Wanna lick? - JSJS - Ice Cream: (Dreamworks)


JS (which stands for Johnson Sisters) are Kim and Kandi Johnson, a sister duo act that hails from Los Angeles who's poised to get major attention considering who's behind them. Their manager is none other than Ronald aka 'Mr Biggs' Isley of the infamous Isley Brothers.

Said Kim 'We were so honored when Ronlad Isley took an interest in our career, he really believed in us you step back and look at his success and how important the Isley Brothers have been and how hard Ronald works, who better to emulate than him'

The young ladies start began in the chruch where they have been singing since they were knee high. They have shared the stage with some of today's top performers including Andre Crouch, Erykah Badu and Barbara Striesand, sang back up for Sting and Michael Jackson and Kim was featured on the Amistad soundtrack

The lead off single and title track is gearing for release in the upcoming months and with R Kelly serving as executive producer on the album as well as producer on the single you know this one has some merit. Although a typical R-Kelly production is evident, the song has a well balanced soul appeal to it and the sisters are in sync in vocal rhythms.

This one doesn't disappoint and I'm sure you'll agree that their time has come to 'melt' the opposition. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to JS's 'Ice Cream '





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