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May 15th 2003


Talented brothers - Black Coffey Black Coffey - Rocket Love (Motown)


Black Coffey are the new R&B group that consists of brothers Clay and Jason Coffey who has gathered a loyal following since their excellent debut single 'Hard to Get' dropped last year.

The brothers who hail from Lexington, Kentucky grew up in the church, and as brother Clay explains "From elementary school through high school it was all about the church choir and the high school choirs and bands."

Their story literally is an overnight success. It begins in the late nineties, the brothers were looking to break out of Kentucky and try to make the big time. They met up with Boston Celtics forward Walter McCarty, who was attending the University of Kentucky. He heard their demo tape through a college friend and invited them to record in Boston. Later on their management team brought them to the attention of Motown Head Kedar Massenburg and the rest is history.

Their latest effort 'Rocket Love' is an updated version of Stevie Wonder's classic masterpiece which continues in the same tradition with classic vocals arrangements and excellent production. Taken from their debut release as well as the excellent compilation album Conception - An Interpretation of Stevie Wonder Songs this one I do believe to be a great track indeed.

Their debut album is not available as of yet but will be in stores soon so look out for this one in your favourite record shop. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Black Coffey's 'Rocket Love'







Silky smooth - Frank McCombFrank McComb - Golden Lady: (Expansion)


One of the most underrated singers in the music industry has to be Frank McComb. The silver tongued baritonist has released 2 previous sets on Motown and Sony respectively both of excellent quality and both very hard to find (especially the debut Motown release as it was never released) and the song (highlighted here), the Stevie Wonder wonderfully penned 'Golden Lady' can now be found on the Soul 2gatherness 2002 compilation.

This song (originally taken from his debut release) really is a tribute to just how good a singer Frank really is as not many can carry off such a stunning remake. Terrific production and lush vocals are harmonizing throughout a well rounded effort from the Cleveland native - I'm sure this remake does make Stevie Wonder proud.

Frank, born in Cleveland in 1970, began his piano lessons at the age of 12 and formed his first trio five years later. He got his 1st professional break in 1991 when he was offered the job as musical director for the R&B group Rude Boys. In late 1992, he signed to the Mojazz label and recorded his debut set which was a gem but Motown (for some unknown reason) later shelved the project. In 1994, he collaborated with Branford Marsalis on his jazz-rap fusion project Buckshot LeFonque. He left Motown for Sony and released Love Stories in 2000.

A big thank you goes to our good friends at Expansion for getting their hands on the latest album by Frank called 'The Truth' which is slated for a release later this month. Frank deserves the notoriety that's accustomed to a great singer who's future certainly should shine bright... A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Frank McComb's 'Golden Lady'





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