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Apr 1st 2003


Excellent remake - Byron Stingley Byron Stingley - I can't go for that (Urban Star)


A couple of remakes to tell you about from the excellent UK record label Urban Star this time around. First up we see the one and only Byron Stingley doing a cover of the Hall and Oaks classic track 'I can't go for that'.

This track works very well for Byron who's normal attributes to the music arena has been of the house variety but lately he's been venturing into R&B and soul and he's definitely found a home there. The former lead singer of Ten City shines on this terrific reinditiion, giving it a completely different life but yet staying as close to the original as possible.

Production on the song is wicked as one would expect from Urban Star giving the track some beef in various areas throughout with cords and strings in tow. Although the song is not yet released here in the USA, you can find it in the UK at Leicester's 2 Funky Records. This track should and I'm sure will receive extensive radio and internet play in the UK and Europe.

This one gets a 'high recommendation' for your listening ear... an absolutely must have in your music library. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Byron Stingley's 'I can't go for that'







Italy's goddess - Romina JohnsonRomina Johnson - A night to remember: (Urban Star)


Romina has been making a name for herself the last couple of years as a singer to be reckon with. Although to most she's a new artist on the R&B and soul scene, Romina came to my attention when she did a cover of Norma Jean's 'My Forbidden Lover' back in 1998. That track was given the '2-step' treatment by the then unknown remixers 'Artful Dodger', which soared on the charts and occupied the top ten in the UK for 6 weeks in a row.

Romina's resume started with house music back in her native homeland of Rome Italy, where she and her group at the time (The Second Floor) had a moderate track in 'Love and Happiness' that featured her father Wess Johnson. Since then Romina has been steadily performing and horning her craft and was even a background vocalist for the now defunck 'Spice Girls'.

The latest offering from the 'Italian stallianess' is an excellent remake of the Shalamar classic from the 80s 'A Night to Remember'. As noted above, the production is again on point as The Full Crew takes on the duties using solid rhythns and a steady bass line that utiliize Romina's voice very well on both the chorus as well as the song.

Again this one is available through 2 Funky Records in the UK and will not be there for long so get ahead of the heard and get your copy now. You'll want to play this one over and over again. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Ronina Johnson's - 'A Night to Remember'





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