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Feb 15th 2003


Bon Garcon - Its Alright/Love Is Real/Put Your Hands Up/ Sunshine Love: EP (White/Island)


There are artists (or acts as I like to call them) out there that are up and coming, worthy of our attention folks and such a act are the lads of Bon Garcon

Although there's not a lot of info or a website for these guys, I do know they are a quartet that in 1998 released the song called 'If you need a man' that sampled Oliver Cheatham's Get Down Saturday Night as it's backbone (also the group Ideal took the same beat on their hit 'Whatever') in the same year.

Well five years later they return with an excellent 4 song EP. The 1st track is 'It's Alright' and oh, what a track it is. Scoring on all elements, production, lyrics, hook and song It's Alright fires on all cylinders letting us know it's definitely alright to do your thing regardless.

Love is Real and Put your hands up are both equally as good as It's Alright but it's the track 'Sunshine Love' that just punctuates the entire EP. I certainly hope a full length is in the works as this EP speaks volumes. Another one for your listening ear though. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Bon Garcon's 'It's Alright '






Tantilizing - Terri WalkerTerri Walker ft: Mos Def - Guess you didn't love me: (Def Soul)


My beloved hometown of London, England is known for spawning out terrific acts over the years. Loose - NDS, Incognito, Omar and Lisa Stansfield are just a few to garner critical acclaim across the globe, but in recent years, it seems that acts are poping up out of the woodwork. There's been a barrage of talented UK artists that are making their mark on the European stagefront - Hil St Soul, Craig David, Ms Dynamite, Shaun Escoffery, David Linden Hall and Beverlei Brown have all carved their own little niche of the pie but let's not forget the newcomers.

Such an artist is London's own Terri Walker who has everyone buzzing about her latest effort 'Guess you didn't love me'. Terri is an absolute gem of a find, gaining experience and horning her skills while doing garage and house in her late teens. Now the 23 yr old is ready to unleash her unique voice unto the world.

Her voice is silky smooth like a flawless diamond that just seems to glisten to no end and the song features one of Brooklyn's finest rappers in Dante Smith (aka Mos Def) who's razor sharp flow is steller and to the point. The production is on point too with fine instrumentation and a solid bass throughout that makes this one a must have for all jocks who love a good solid R&B track.

Taken from her forthcoming album called 'Untitled' that's gearing to drop the first week in March, I highly recommend that you pick it up 'cos from the first 2 tracks that's been played it's definitely worth giving the CD the full monty. Definitely one for your playlist in the house or car.
A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Terri Walker ft: Mos Def - 'Guess you didn't love me'





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