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Feb 1st 2003


Ebony Alleyne - Walk away and never look back: (OKeh)


Northern Soul is a tern given by us English jocks for music penned and performed from the 60s (remember acts The Supremes, The 'Duke of Earl' Gene Chandler and The Capitols). Well some 4 decades later we have come full circle with a newcomer on the rise..

Her name is Ebony Alleyne, the song is 'Walk away and never look back' and the label is OKeH (yep the very same OKeH label from way back when). The label it seems has sprung a second life with the with one and only Ian Levine at the helm. The label back then was home to major stars like Major Lance and The Vibrations but folded in the 70s but as they say that was then and this is now.

The record itself really takes you back to when music was simple and uncomplicated with the basic for instruments and production. Ebony's voice is a true delight on this track, destinctive and driven to give the song it's overwelming appeal. There's a ballad on the B-side called 'Count the Days' that's equally as good and there's talk of an album in the works as well.

English radio has already caught onto it and it's causing a major buzz there get on your bike and get your copy ASAP. One not to be missed I can assure you - you can pick it up at www.soulbrother.com. ATY-D pick indeed.

Listen to Ebony Alleyne's - 'Walk away and never look back'








The Rayne - Kiss me (Divine Mill/Arista)


This looks to be another year for the female trio to continue to shine. With the likes of 3LW, Mis-teeq and not forgetting TLC enjoying commercial success last year, the latest trio to emerge and burst onto the soul aand R&B field is newcomers Tha Rayne.

Hailing from three of the four boroughs of New York, the young ladies who form the group are Shaquana Elan from Brooklyn, Elizabeth 'Yummy' Bingham from Queens (who's dad is none other than Dinky Bingham former lead singer of The Jamaica Boys) and Michele Colon from Manhattan - all of whom are just 16 years old. They have just signed to former Naughty by Nature producer and rapper Kay Gee's record label Divine Mill and released their debut single 'Rock wit me' the middle of last year.

The song profiled here is the excellent follow up to Rock wit me, their latest single 'Kiss me'. As usual Kay Gee's production skills in on point as he delivers a stiff throbbing bassline and steady keys with Tha Rayne falling freely (on the vocal tip of course). This one has 'hit' written all over as we all know Kay Gee is responsible for producing hits for the likes of Zhane, Koffee Brown, Next, Ruff Endz and Jaheim.

Their self-titled album is all done and is scheduled for release within the next few months (distributed through Arista), be on the lookout for this on it's going to LIVIN' LARGE on the airwaves I feel. A thoroughly splendid TY-D Pick through and though

Listen to Tha Rayne's - 'Kiss me '




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