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Jan 15th 2003


Sylvia Striplin - Give me your love: (Melodics/Charley: re-issue)


A couple of re-issues to bring to your attention. You know there are records you come across in life that just stand out as a 'gem' or a 'classic' even a 'masterpiece' in some mediums but for some odd known reason you didn't get it at the time or you weren't able to find it. You search and search but to no avail. Then suddenly after 23 years it surfaces as an re-issue and finally you can say to yourself 'I now have that album'.

After years of waiting there are two records in question that's recently gotten a re-issue courtesy of Charley and RCA Records. The first is considered to be ''one of the most sought after gems in music today'' as the ultra hard-to-find works of Sylvia Striplin is now available on CD.

You know the songs 'You can't turn me away' and 'Give me your love' (they've been sampled enough) but the entire album is just filled with delightful treasures. Tracks like 'Look towards the sky', and 'All alone' are true stand outs not to forget an excellent cover of Roy Ayers classic number 'Searching' (Mr. Ayers also serves as producer on the album as well)

The album as a whole is blessed with fine production from Roy (who is at his very best here) and James Bedford with vocal arrangements coming from Sylvia, Roy and James. Many has compared Sylvia to the late Minnie Ripperton, some even thought she might be the successor to her as she has her caliber of vocal range but sadly this was not to be as it has been her only work to date. Quite simply put - this is a classic album in the purest form of the word 'classic' and for you not to have this in your collection is well a deadly sin (shame on you).

Pure quality soul music here from start to finish so I suggest you become a fan of hers and check get this one. You can pick it up at www.dustygroove.com. ATY-D pick indeed.

Listen to Sylvia Striplin's - 'You can't turn me away'

Listen to Sylvia Striplin's - 'All Alone'








Michael Wycoff - Love conquers all (RCA: re-issue)


The second of the re-issues comes courtesy of RCA Records and what a re-issue it is. Singer Michael Wycoff has been one of those singers who never really got his due. His start in the industry was modest to say the least as he did back up sessions with Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole and DJ Rogers. His career spans some 3 decades and has 3 albums (to the best of my knowledge) with the one reviewed here being the 2nd release.

Love conquers all finds Michael at his very best with brilliant tracks like 'Still got the magic' and the excellent rare groover 'Looking up to you' (used on Zhane's 'Hey Mr DJ') highlighting the album but there's a little known ballad number called 'Love is so easy' that for me is the sleeper on the album. Superbly written and produced by Webster Lewis (who was discovered by none other than Barry White)

Another gem on the album is the lovely ballad 'Can we be Friends' a duet featuring disco diva Evelyn 'Champayne' King - an excellent track that is reminscene to it's time. There are 8 tracks in all and not one bad one in the lot

Love conquers all is an album you'll want to play again and again and one I do consider a 'Classic' in many sense - it belongs in your latest collection so why not put it there. A thoroughly splendid TY-D Pick through and though

Listen to Michael Wycoff's - 'Love is so easy'

Listen to Michael Wycoff's - 'Looking up to you'




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