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Dec 1st 2002


Deborah Cox - Givin' it up (J Records)


For the most part, artists putting out a set that tops their previous works is a daunting task (even for the best of them - case and point Michael Jackson's 'Invincible' last year) but this time around it would seem that is not the case for Deborah Cox.

Having jumped ship and followed Clive Davis from Arista to his own J Records, the Canadian born Deborah's latest set 'The Morning After' is truly her best work to date which is evident in the lead off single Up and down (in & out) which was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

The track I'm focusing on is the mid tempo groove 'Givin' it up', a song that tells a story about handling relationships between the spouses - an excellent tune from start to finish. All the right ingredients are present: a thumping bassline, nice keys, a catchy hook and of course Deborah's voice in tune. It has all the makings to go all the way to number one on the charts (whether it does remains to be seen).

One track that's not to be missed my friends definitely put this one in your listening station and play it frequent and often - a TY-D pick indeed.

Listen to Deborah Cox's - 'Givin' it up'








702 - Star (Motown)


The young teeny bopper girl group that brought you 'Steelo' in 1996 and 'Where my girls at' in 1999 respectively are back - and they're all grown up. The girls (eh hum - excuse me) young ladies of 702 -- (Kameelah Williams and sisters Misha and Irish Grimstead) returns to the limelight after a 3 year hiatus from it, sporting a more mature look and attitude on their latest Motown set, 'Star'.

The lead off single of the same name was produced by The Neptunes and features Clipse doing the guest spot thing. the song is tight using synths and rhythic beats to bring the song to life. One should point out that the idea for the song came courtesy of one of the Neptunes producers. Said Irish 'Pharrell (Williams of the Neptunes - no relation to Kameelah) came up with the idea for the song in the studio, He was coming up with ideas as we were all getting a feel for each other and figuring out what direction we wanted to go in. It was a blessing working with Pharrell. We learned a lot, from watching him play the drums live to all the other instruments.'

The album is due out Feb 25th 2003 so I suggest you go get a copy. A great track that will do well whereever it's played one not to be passed up on - a TY-D Pick through and though

Listen to 702 - 'Star'




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