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Aug 1st 2000

Tommy Sims - Peace and Love LP (Universal/MCA)

With the likes of Jill Scott and Lucy Pearl already burning up the cyberspace airwaves you would find it hard to believe there's something better that's out at the moment......there isn't but this record definitely ranks up there as one of the hottest records that's been released this year.

Tommy's voice is a soothing release from the likes of the male gender occupying the charts nowadays. He carries a tune with the authority of a young Luther Vandross and this is every so evident with the track 'When you go' a sultry mid-tempo track that glistens with desire for you to get up and shake a leg.

The entire lp grabs you and takes you on a listening joyride track after track especially with 'A New Jam' as well as the title track and if you want to find out more then you will have to wait 'til you get your own copy - definitely a TY-D Pick.


Toshi Kubota - Nothing but your love: 12" KayDee rmx (Epic)

Japanese born Toshi Kubota is a multi-selling platinum artist in his native Japan and has written and songs with the likes of Natalie Cole and Caren Wheeler. His first English LP 'Sunshine' spawned the hit 'Funk you up'

On the 1st single off his sophomore album of the same name the vocals are true to form with a healthy bass line to rock your speakers. The single has 3 mixes featuring remixes by The Roots and KayGee - mos def Ty-D Pick.


Jazzyfatnasties - Hear me: LP version (Motive/MCA)

If you haven't got this record in your current collection (or any other collection for that matter) then you're sleeping a deep sleep and need to wake up in a big way because you don't know what you're missing.

Originally linking up with The Roots in '95, Mercedes and Tracy's voices have graced the records of Eric Benet, The Brand New Heavies and De La Soul just to name a few.

Their debut effort called 'The Once and Future' (available now on Motive/MCA) was written entirely by the Jazzies (as they amply nicknamed) and produced by The Roots. This infectious LP cut (not yet available as a single) is a smooth laid back track that will draw comparison to Sade and definitely sets the mood for you to hear them. The entire CD lacks ...... nothing (period) - go get it because it's a Mos def Ty-D Pick.


Dwayne Wiggins - Eyes never lie: LP (Motown)

I got this album almost 3 months before it hit the racks. I said to myself this is a great album and the more I listen to it the more I proved to myself that I was right. For those who are not aware of this individual, the former member of Tony, Toni Tone was the heart and soul of the group who wrote and produced the bulk of the material but in this debut effort (on Motown) he just comes alive from start to finish.

The set starts off with 'Fly me to the Moon' a acoustic track that is light in tempo that then leads you right into 'R+B Singer' that's full of guitar licks and harmonizing vocals. Next, it's on to the 1st single 'What's really going on (Strange fruit)' that draws it's title from the late but great legends Marvin Gaye and Billie Holiday classics which gives you everything you want in a song strings, bass, vocals and is a delight to your listening ear. Following that it's my pick as the next single 'Move with me' that does just that..... moves you. Other notables include 'Let's make a baby', 'Pushin'on', 'Flower' and 'Music is power'.  This album to me rivals Jill Scott as my album of the year. Powerful stuff run don't walk to your nearest record shop and get yourself a copy - Most definitely a Ty-D Pick   

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