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Oct 15th 2002


Vivian Green - Love Story (Columbia)


The mecca stable for new talent seems to be Philadelphia nowadays. The likes of The Roots, Bilal, Jill Scott, Jaguar Wright, Musiq and Jazzy Jeff have all emerged from the city of 'brotherly love' and now the latest Philadelphian import to spread her wings is newcomer Vivian Green.

Her journey into music was passionate at an early age as her mom would dress her up and put her on stage at the local church talent show to sing and dance when she was at the tender age of 5. Loving the attention she would go on to take piano lessons at the age of 8 and joined an all girl group called 'Younique' at the age of 11. At 15, knowing that this is what she wants to do in life she started sending out demos and sang at various junctions and parties. With the motto 'practice makes perfect' installed in her she landed a back up gig with fellow Philadelphian Jill Scott that would then lead to her signing with Columbia.

Her debut release 'Love Story' is a very honest, down-to-earth look at what makes relationships work, why people do the things they do when they are with someone and all this is pointed out in 'Emotional rollercoaster The lead off single 'Superwoman' was written by Vivian and deals with an old boyfriend laying down the law. Other notables include 'Music', 'Wishful Thinking', 'Complete' and 'Be good to you'

Said Vivian about the album, 'The album actually is a love story, I wear my heart on my sleeve but don't expect the traditional boy-meets-girl plot line. Rather, the album is a sophisticated, autobiographical rumination on a relationship gone wrong, learning to love yourself, and then finding true love'. Who can disagree with her. There's a buzz that's going around about her being the next Alicia Keys but that's another story. A TY-D Pick indeed.

Listen to Vivian Green - 'Be good to you'

Listen to Vivian Green - 'Emotional Rollercoaster'








Brian McKnight - From There to Here (Motown)


I've always been a fan of of this talented soul balladeer and often wondered when (if at all) he would put out a greatest hits compilation. Well some 13 years later at long last we have it - a body of work that signifies the writing and singing talents of soul maestro Brian McKnight. It's the release of his first greatest hits compilation called From There to Here 1989 - 2002 and it certainly does beckon your listening ear.

From his very first hit in 'The way love goes' to last year's 'Love of my life' (taken from his Superhero album), the best of all 4 of his albums are well represented here. Many favourites like 'Love is' featuring Vanessa Williams (taken from the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack), 'Crazy Love' (originally penned and sung by Van Morrison and was made for the Jason's Lyric soundtrack), 'One last cry', 'The one for me' and 'Anytime' are here and it only scratches the surface of what's listed on the disc. This is one that you will play again and again as they is a little bit of everything for you to listen to.

Put this one in high rotation for your listening pleasure it's just one great track after another - a TY-D Pick through and though

Listen to Brian McKnight's - 'Love of my life'




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