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Aug 15th 2002


Her Sanity - Exclusive: LP (Motown)


They are toasted as the new darlings of the R&B arena, they are sexy, beautiful and talented. They are Her Sanity, the latest trio of gorgeous gals to hit the music scene by storm.

Haiing from Master P's turf of New Orleans Tameka 'COOKIE' Neville, Lindsay 'LINZ' Robinson and SUNNI Maria Fitch are the three young ladies who form Her Sanity and their debut release 'Exclusive' (on Motown) brings the perspective young sisters can relate to with songs about love, relationships, sexual independence and  partying.  

'Exclusive' is an 11 song set that were penned by the ladies and features producing collaborations by Rob Fusari (Destinyís Child); Donnie Scantz (Aaliyah); Quincy Patrick and Juan 'Magik' Peters (Luther Vandross and O Town). The lead off single and title track (feat: The Lox I might add on the remix) has a little bit of everything for you, a thumping bass line, catchy hook, great production and with it's crossover appeal, it's getting massive airplay on radio. As a whole the set has some tasty treats 'I Canít Begin', 'Yes, No Maybe' and 'How Did She Know all shine in their own merit with notable tracks 'Suga Rain' and 'Ain't no way' bringing up the rear. 

For me though the highlight of 'Exclusive' has to be 'Can I be sure?' a delightful track well penned by the ladies, giving you a feeling of nostalgia with it's reference to the mid-80s soul. A definitive masterpiece in the making here don't miss out on this one. A TY-D Pick indeed

Listen to Her Sanity - 'Can I be sure?'

Listen to Her Sanity - 'How did she know?'  







 Ray Chew and the Crew - Feelin' it (Charu)


Just who is Ray Chew and the Crew you might ask yourself. Well they are sturring up alot of positive vibe with their debut release 'Feelin' it

Ray Chew is the mastermind behind the band that was formed in 1992 to be the new house band for the TV show 'It's Showtime at the Apollo'. The band consists of Bobby Douglas (vocals), Ralph Rolle (drums), Artie Reynolds (bass) and Joe Grey (vocals) and they were immediately a hit with the punters and performers alike.

Mr. Chew is a seasoned veteran of both producing and performing working with the likes of Chaka Khan, Donnie Hathaway, Teddy Pendergrass and Gladys Knight and the Pips to name a few over his 25 year career and his talent clearly shows on the lead off single and title track - Feelin' it a track that is rich and lush and fresh from start to finish with a hint of funk and jazz fusion to boot.

The album offers more of the same with a tally of guest appearances including legendary vibe master Roy Ayers, soul mack diva Sandra St Victor and newcomer Lekule. A great track and a great album indeed, a TY-D Pick through and though. 

Listen to Ray Chew and the Crew - 'Feelin' it'




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