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Jul 15th 2002


Jazzy Jeff - The Magnificent: LP (BBE)


In the 80's Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince ruled the rap charts and even crossed over to the pop charts as well with hits like 'Parent's just don't understand', 'I think I can beat Mike Tyson', 'Girls ain't nuthin' but trouble' and the sleeper hit 'Summertime'. As we all know Will Smith went onto become a mega superstar in music television and film but what about DJ Jazzy Jeff well he's hidden in plain sight (so to speak).

Jazzy Jeff (who's given name is Jeff Townes) has not disappeared but has been rather busy. He produced numerous tracks on all of Will's solo albums (with the exception of Will's forthcoming release) as well as hits for the likes of Michael Jackson, Musiq and the lovely Jill Scott' (whom he co-produced with Andre Harris and Videl Davis). With all this going on you'd think he wouldn't have time to do a solo project but there you have it. Jeff has just put the finishing touched on his 1st solo album called 'The Magnificent'. Said Jeff "I do a lot of production, and I'd never had anybody come to me and say, 'Do what you want, do what you feel," until the opportunity arose with BBE. The Magnificent is part of BBE's Beat Generation series, which highlights producers such as Pete Rock and Marley Marl who have also put out albums through the company.

The Magnificent is a collection of Jeff's jazzy beats combined with today's R&B sounds and features some of the hottest talent in the business. The likes of MC Freddie Foxxx, J-Live and Jazzy's protégé V are here. Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men's fame makes an appearance on 'How I do'  and the lady who really brought  A Touch of Jazz to the forefront, Jill Scott is also on hand as her lovely voice graces the track 'We live in Philly'  

Look out for '
The Magnificent' to drop in August (no definite date has been set as of yet). A definitive masterpiece here don't miss out on it - get it. A TY-D Pick indeed

Listen to Jazzy Jeff feat: Jill Scott - 'We live in Philly'  







 Beenie Man feat: Janet Jackson - Feel it boy (VP)


The marriage of reggae, R&B and pop has enjoyed tremendous success as of late with the collaborations of No Doubt and Bounty Killer the latest to enjoy the limelight. Now the current King of dancehall meets the current queen of pop and R&B as Beenie Man (whose given name is Moses Davis) and Janet Jackson collaborate on his latest release 'Feel it boy' taken from his forthcoming album 'Tropical Storm

Produced by
The Neptunes, the song is a sure fire hit as Beenie flows through the lyrics with passionate ease and with Janet's sexy voice adding to the chorus makes it a winner through and through. Radio stations across the planet has begun to jump on this one and why not with two of the biggest stars in their respective arenas coming together can only mean one thing  - straight to number one with a bullet. 

Definitely one for your shopping list so do go out and get a copy money well spent (believe me). The album is due August 20th. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Beenie Man ft: Janet Jackson Feel it, boy




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