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Jun 15th 2002


Tiffany Laing - The Naked Truth : (12 Tribe


Gospel music have never sounded sweeter than the debut offering from newcomer Tiffany Liang. The usual premise of gospel for me has been the preaching and choir cheering sound and the occasional mid to low tempo track. Not so is the case here as you are treated to a utmost triumph in gospel recording.

The New Jersey born/Los Angeles native who sang back up vocals for 2 years with Eric Benet takes you on a true spiritual journey from start to finish with some wonderfully constructed and beautifully produced tracks all of which are produced by her better half - husband Lew

From the off set you knew you were in for something special. The spiritually moving 'Revelations (better than B4)' is a cracker just what you'll expect from such a smooth vocalist with silky pipes and let's not forget the impressive 'Everything I do (is for you)' or the equally impressing 'New Wine' one word description - brilliant 

Other notables are 'Searching', 'Right on time', 'Everytime I turn' and 'Chajah'. Very evident on this set is the neo soul flavour captured by Tiffany's days singing back up for Erykah Badu. Said Tiffany "While doing leads and backgrounds with Eric, we toured also with Erykah Badu.....and the experience was awesome. Erykah is a sweet and lovely spirit...and her show is beautiful." 

A terrific album indeed released on their own label 12 Tribe Music Tribe that is worthy of your hard earned dosh so I suggest you get yourself a copy because gospel music never quite sounded so good. A TY-D Pick nuff said.  


Listen to 'Tiffany Liang - Revelations (better than B4)'  








 C-Nario- Body Fusion : (Chi City)


At first, I had doubts about this remake because after all this is one of my all time favourite tunes we're talking about here but then I caught a listen and was rather pleasantly surprised - it was very good. 

These ladies has done an excellent job on this updated version of the classic Starvue hit of the late 70s. Coincidently like Starvue, C-Nario is 3 talented young ladies who hails from the windy city of Chicago and has the legendary Clarence Johnson at the helm as producer. Clarence was the production talent behind some of the brightest 70s harmony groups that came from Chicago -- the likes of The Lovelites and Brighter Side Of Darkness pops up. Production is very tight and well crafted which I think makes this track a winner. The gals have really hit the right notes here marriaging classic neo soul and contemporary R&B. 

I couldn't find much more info on the young ladies as far as their own website or their label's for that matter but I'll keep trying so be on the look out for this one definitely a pick for your shopping list of music to buy. In stores this month. A definite TY-D pick here.

Listen to 'C-Nario - Bodyfusion'  



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