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Jun 1st 2002


Angela Johnson - They don't know : (Dome


I have been playing several tracks from Angela's debut solo 'They don't know' for several months now and I'm delighted to say that it's finally getting it's release. For those of you who don't know who Angela is well she's the voice behind those funksters Cooly's Hot Box remember last years sleeper hit 'Friend of mine

A classically trained violinist as well as a talented keyboard player, Angela has also written, arranged and produced the entire album with the exception of three cuts. Angela's in fine form on this debut set of hers, she wrote most of the songs and delivers a true soul masterpiece in my eyes. Getting things going is her intro to the set next up is the floor groover 'Rescue me' a catchy, foot tapping, shake a leg track - R&B at it's very best. Following in it's wake is 'After it's Gone' smooth mid-tempo track reminisce of the Brand New Heavies with plenty of horns in session. 'Sad Days' is a delicious slow grooover that has her sounding a bit like Janet Jackson in many ways. Notables include 'Won't be sorry', 'I still care', 'Call', 'No better Love' and 'Don't wanna be the one'

Though it was very hard to do because there really isn't a bad song on the whole set, my standout pick on the album is 'Ordinary Things' which highlights Angela's talent as a singer as a voice to be reckon with, in a word - superb. A very nice set indeed do check it out it'll be in stores in July.  

A TY-D Pick indeed

Listen to 'Ordinary Things'  

Listen to 'Won't be sorry' 






Ola Onabule - Ambitions for Deeper Breadth :LP (Rugged Ram)


Ola Onabule is a name you're probably not familiar with if you live here in the states but in my native UK he's probably the best soul singer/songwriter to bless the UK soul scene the last few years.

British born Ola spent his formative years in Nigeria fine tuning his craft. His first group The Diplomats he formed in his teen years. He returned to England in the late 70s and began to play in gigs around town after learning how to play the guitar. In the 80s he was signed to Elektra UK but nothing came of the deal so he decided to form his own label 'Rugged Ram Records'. His 1st release was 94's 'You'd better believe' which brought him instant acclaim and the rest is history.

With this his 4th album for his label Rugged Ram, Ola has once again tapped the wells of his writing skills to produce another fine slice of soul heaven. Songs like 'One Life', 'Wow', 'Wonderful feeling', 'We don't know' and 'Changed' are all masterfully produced and it's I must say pure quality soul... be on the look out for this one definitely a disc for your shopping list of music to buy. In stores this month.

 A definite TY-D pick here.



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