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July 15th 2000

Trina w/Trick Daddy - I don't need you (Slip n Slide/Atlantic)

Miami's long known for bass booty rap and for years has been trying to shake that image in the rap game and in doing so has brought us a new queen in rap game. Trina came to national attention when she appeared on Trick's mega hit 'Nann'. Now that she's in the spotlight, she's letting loose on the gents with this number. 

If you've got a strong stomach then you won't be offended by the vulgar language and suggested situations used here but again its lending to the age old expression that sex sells and that certainly would be the case with this record. Trick strikes a few chords to add fuel to the fire and the title suggest that she doesn't need a man but overall its the same old same ol' let's hope radio will play it. I will.


Toni Braxton featuring Dr Dre - Just be a man about it: (Laface)

Ms Braxton has had some troubled times the last few years but now with all that behind her she is now back and back with a vengence. This song (the 2nd single from the album Heat) is a tale of deceit and trust in a relationship and fessing up to who'll be the first to confess. Dr Dre adds a lil' tat-au-tat for good measure making this song an even more feasible hit for Toni. The album is available now in fine record shops everywhere.


Dr Dre w/Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and Nate Dogg - The Next episode: (Aftermath/Interscope)

DJ/Artist/Director/Producer/Innovator - Dr Dre (whose given name is Andre Young) can do no wrong the last few years. He's launched the careers of Snoop Dogg and Eminem (who both are enjoying great success stories but Dre saved the best for last with this his latest installment. 

His uncanny ability to come up new and refreshing beats and sounds makes this record a best bet to make some noise on the record charts. I like this record and I am sure that you will too hop to your nearest record shop and buy it.


Carl Thomas - Summer Rain: from Shaft - Orig. sdtk (Laface/Bad boy)

Carl has given us a wish to have more of the same. The follow up to the debut single 'I wish' (from the debut CD Emotional) is a beautiful Brazilian flavored love song that lets you float into a fantasy of your own giving you the feeling of satisfaction.

Although this can be found on his debut CD, it also used on the new Shaft soundtrack which has new music from Angie Stone, Alicia Keys, R. Kelly and more. Good record here and I would suggest you give it a good listen.


Maysa - Sunshine LP version: (Rice/Warlock)

Maysa voice is such a delight to listen to that I couldn't help but wonder when she would release her sophomore effort and low and behold here it is. The album is called All my life and this track (produced by Incognito's Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maurnick) is superb from the word get go.

Luscious instrumentation with orchestral strings add a terrific blend of jazz and soul with this song and its become one of my personal favourites. The whole CD is excellent and lets you know that soul and jazz do mix and will do so for many years to come.    

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