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May 15th 2002


Will Downing - Sensual Journey : (GRP) 


Will Downing never really got the props he so richly deserved. His last release 'All the man you need' was a delightful set (which I loved) but never made any noise in the stores (sales wise). With this in mind we come to his latest effort 'Sensual Journey' that's on a new label (GRP) and he again has produced another fine collection of soul music.

Right off there are five terrific cover versions of some classic soul tracks from years past 'Just Don't Want To Be Lonely' (Main Ingredient), 'Drowning In Your Eyes' (the late Ephraim Lewis), 'Brooklyn Breezes' (Kashif), 'If I Ever Lose This Heaven' (Quincy Jones and others) and a brilliant version of Michael Jackson's 'I Can't Help It'. 

The rest of the album is a listeners delight of high quality modern soul music. 'Almost Like Being In  Love', (co-penned by Armsted Christian) is an excellent track that can really grab you for all intensive purposes. 'Maybe' is a sweet move-slow ballad, that will receive extensive airplay on any 'quiet storm' radio formats, whilst 'Don't Talk To Me Like That' and 'Home' are a real treat. A very nice set indeed do check it out it's available in stores now.  

A TY-D Pick indeed

Listen to 'I can't help it'  






 Nnenna Freelon - Tales of Wonder: Celebrating Stevie Wonder :LP (Concord Jazz)


Stevie Wonder has influenced a lot of people with his music and there's been artists alike who are also fans of his work. I think it's safe to say that Nnenna Freelon is one such fan. The 5 time grammy nominated vocalist will release her next album consisting entirely of Stevie Wonder reininditions. The album called 'Tales Of Wonder: Celebrating Stevie Wonder', will be in stores on June 11 and will feature all together a collection of 11 tunes written by Stevie and reinterpreted by Nnenna in the jazz spirit.

Also collaborating on the project is an impressive collection of jazz musicians including guitarist
Chuck Loeb, percussionist Bashiri Johnson, bassist Gerald Veasley, and drummer Woody

Some of my personal Stevie Wonder songs are present here including the popular ballad 'Overjoyed', the unmistakable 'My Cherie Amour', 'Another Star' and 'All In Love Is Fair.' This one should not be overlooked though it won't be out for a couple of months so when you can find it pick it up. A TY-D pick here.



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