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May 1st 2002


The Dazz Band - You are my starship : (Eagle Music Group) 


The Dazz Band like The Temptations have been steadliy putting out quality music for the better part of 3 decades now. Originally starting out as the Kinsman Dazz back in 77, they changed their name to the Dazz Band a year later after the lead songwriter Mike Calhoun left the group and the rest is history. Who can forget tracks like 'Let it whip', 'Heartbeat' and 'On the one (for fun)' .  

Their latest effort is a remake of the Norman Conner's classic hit 'You are my starship'. At first listen you've think it's one of the up and coming groups like 112 or Jagged Edge but at a close range the distinctions and traits are there as only the Dazz Band can do it. With the remix treatment done  by the UK's own Urban Star, this one is destined to be a summer smash for the band. Be on the lookout for this one as it has not yet graced your local station's format. 

A TY-D Pick indeed

Listen to 'You are my starship'  






 Alexander O'Neal - Saga of a Married  Man :LP (Zinc)


Most of us (myself included) thought that Mr. O'Neal had left the soul arena for a more secluded life somewhere in the tropics but then out of the blue he surprised us all this year with a spanking new album called 'Saga of a Married  Man ' on a brand new label in Zinc. The 10-track set I have to say is not his strongest outing by a long shot but there are some noteworthy highlights throughout. 

The lead off single will be 'You're gonna miss me ' which has all the elements: a soothing bass line, a sweet hook and of course Alexander's voice carrying it  - a catchy dance number that gets your feet tapping right off the bat, then there's the bouncy 'He said, she said ' that utilizes some catchy guitar riffs and strings. Of all the tracks that are there, the one true stand out for me is the slow grinding 'My baby's gone ' not quite in the same league as 'If you were here tonight ' or 'A broken heart can mend ' but a fine ballad nevertheless that for me brought back the Alexander of old for sure - (on point with that one) Other notables are the remake of the Dramatics 'What you see is what you get ', 'It doesn't matter ' and 'It's OK '

If you are a fan of Alexander's work then you will find this one to be pleasing to the ear but I feel that he might be past his prime. This one should not be overlooked though it will be out in a couple of months so if you can find it pick it up. A  TY-D pick here.

Listen to "You're gonna miss me"



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