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Apr 1st 2002


 Elisha La'Verne - Come on : (Cutting Edge) 


Elisha La'Verne has been putting out some terrific tracks over the years. 'So Delicious ' and 'I'm not dreaming ' and 'You are the one ' are shining examples in the mid to late 90s and 'So very hot ' was a huge hit for her back in 2000. Now she returns to the limelight with 'Come on ' her latest release taken from her forthcoming set 'Sensuous '      

The song is well written and produced with the ever present Elisha in fine form and on top of her game, breezing through the lyrics right on queue. Urban Star comes in to add a more danceable feel to the track for the club goers but it's poised for another hit for the English lass. 

Not yet available to the public but it is making the rounds on the radio R&R market so be sure to tune into your local radio station and request it. A TY-D Pick     

Listen to 'Come on'  






Touching on new territory - Fertile Ground Fertile Ground - Seasons Change : (Blackout Studios) 


James Collins (aka The Light), Navasha Daya (aka The Spirit) Ekendra Das (aka The Pulse) and Marcus Asante (aka The Roots) are back with a brand new album of new material called 'Seasons Change' their 3rd release on the Blackout Studios label. 

The set seems to be leading you in a different path than that of the previous 2 albums with this one having a more sensual appeal to it that spiritual. Lead singer Navasha is destined to become one of today's most treasured soul vocalists. Her voice is in tune and true to form like a hummingbird on a cool summer morning.

The album is 16 tracks strong filled with instant soul classic from start to finis. There are songs that will grab you on first listen and others that will grow on you either way a memorable listen throughout.

Titles include 'More To Life ', 'Illumination ' 'Take Me Higher ', 'The Moment ', 'Seasons Change ', 'Freedom ', 'Star People ', 'I Remember You ' and 'One Mo Gin '. A TY-D Pick indeed for the true soul fan






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