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Mar 15th 2002


The Sexy Lady - Cherokee Cherokee - Soul Parade : (Arista) 


She's sexy, young, bright, beautiful and free-spirited. She made her debut in 1999 with the much acclaimed but overlooked release 'I love you ... me ' which gave us the unforgettable single 'sexy sumthin '. She is Cherokee and she returns to the soul spectrum with a new label in Arista (was with RCA) and a new album, her sophomore set called 'Soul Parade '      

The Brooklyn born, Philly resident native has sharpened her pencils, penned all the songs and has come up trumps with a delightful array of tracks that include collaborations with the likes of Jill Scott (on 'Where ') and Bilal (on 'A Woman Knows '). The songs differs to those offered on her debut set as she was referring to the abusive relationship she had with her former husband  at that time and states that "I'm a lot happier than I was before and this album was a lot of fun".   

Working with such talented producers as OutKast's Andre 3000, (who also duets on the lead off single 'Nectarine ') Jay Dee of Slum Village, and Keith Crouch (Brandy), the album has a distinctive flavour and feel to it, each track gives you more enjoyment that the last. 

The lead off single 'Nectarine ' has been floating around for a bit and the new single 'I swear ' a sexy mid-tempo track laced with a tint of strings and horns has already been sent to radio and has steadily been picking up momentum. The album represents both personal triumph and rejoice for the young lady. She has matured and blossomed into one of today's brightest stars and rightfully so. The album is set to be released Mar. 19th so look out for it. A TY-D Pick indeed.  

Download and view 'I Swear' (courtesy of arista.com)






Newcomer - SharissaSharissa - Any other night : (Motown) 


Nicknamed 'Lil' Stevie Wonder' by her father, Sharissa is another newcomer that you should look out for in the year 2002. The Brooklyn born, Bronx native had a hand in just about every aspect of her debut album "No Half Steppin ' from writing the songs to producing and with the likes of the Trackmasters, Mark Batson, Tank and Gerald Issacs all on board as producers you know this project would be in good hands.   

The lead-off single is the Bryce Wilson produced 'Any other Night ', (who also makes an appearance in the video as well) a track that has steadily gained everyone attention for it's laid back flavour in hip hop and and style in R&B.  Her vocals sits well with the lyrics in which she carries along quite well.

You should find this one and put it on your playlist because it's not a bad track at all and should win you over after initial listens. The album hit stores last month so be sure to peep it as well (as one would say). A TY-D Pick no less 






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