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Mar 1st 2002


On his own - R.L. R.L.w/Eric Sermon - Got me a model : (J Records) 


You knew it would happen sooner or later (it seems to be a trend nowadays), the group has tasted major success and the lead singer want to taste success or 'branch out' on their own. The latest addition to this theory is the R&B group Next and lead front man R.L.   

Last year R.L. signed a deal with J Records, he then went on to do a track called 'Good Love ' on the 'Brothers ' soundtrack. This time around he incorporates the talents of rapper/producer Eric 'Green Eyed Bandit' Sermon to bring forward his latest effort 'Got me a model '. Following in the trend of the current crop of R&B tracks,'Got me a model ' has sleek overtones and a solid bass line but it lacks that something special quality about it. It's not a bad track but on the same hand it's not wonderful either. 

There's much to be said about the music most American acts are putting out, too much of this floating about right now - one would hope to see a change but then again you never know what's around the corner. The album is forthcoming (yet to be titled) some time this autumn. A TY-D Pick nevertheless.  







Chanel - My Life : (CD-R) 


Chanel is a newcomer that you should keep your eye on because if this track is any indication to what she can do then she has a bright future ahead of her. Not much is known about her 

The record in question is 'My Life ', a track that has all the right ingredients to be a hit beginning with the sample used the incomparable Crusaders mega hit - 'Street Life ' as the back bone, harmonizing vocals, synths and keys fluent and the ever present bop-your-head bass line kicking you from left to right - all the usual traits are present and this I assure you will find a home on my playlist. You should find this one and put it on your playlist quality soul through and through no question. 

No scheduled release for the album or single as of yet but I'll keep you posted as soon as it becomes available. 

Listen to 'My Life' (courtesy of vibinmusic.co.uk)






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