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Feb 15th 2002


Beautiful Belle - Beverley Knight Beverley Knight - Who I am : LP (Dome) 


Beverley returns with this her 3rd album for Dome Records called 'Who I am '. A well balanced batch of tracks that gives a lil' bit of all flavours whether you're into the boogie down groove or the slow motion ballads. Beverley has all the traits on this one that should get her noticed the world over. 

The lead off single is 'Shoulda, woulda, coulda', again another fine testament as to how far ahead the English soul scene is compared to their  US counterparts. Top notch production with a throbbing bass line gives it, its edge and readiness. Not to be forgotten is the excellent ballad 'Beautiful Contradiction' featuring Musiq this one to me is the highlight of the entire set and I see radio friendly potential written all over it. Other notables include 'Get up', 'Shape of you', 'Same (as I ever was)' and 'Hurricane Jane'

Beverley's at her absolute best here, with all the elements evident in the songs, her voice shines on this record; it's a mature, uplifting and moving which (and I do mean this when I say) is a perfect example of why - along with the likes of Omar, Loose Ends, Jamiroquai and Craig David - Beverley is amongst the best that the UK R&B scene has to offer. 

The album will be in your record shops March 12th across Europe and the UK but yet again no scheduled dates for the good old USA. There's no doubt that this one's a hit the question is how big and will it ever grace the shores of America in the near future, we'll have to wait and see.  A worthy TY-D Pick

Listen to 'Shoulda Woulda Coulda'

Listen to 'Beautiful Contradiction' feat: Musiq






 Remy Shand - Way I feel : LP (Motown) 


In recent years we have had several male artists make their mark in the neo-soul arena. The likes of Maxwell, D'Angelo, Bilal and Musiq Soulchild have all made a big impression but perhaps none might make an even bigger impression than that of newcomer Remy Shand.

The 23 year old Canadian native's time has come to light with 'Way I feel ', (his debut release on Motown Records) a masterful collection of songs that is of both the pride and joy of the young man's work. The lead off single is 'Take a message ' a  wicked track that's laced with guitar licks and organ keys with a thumping bass line to boot a very charming and irresistible track that's both soothing and relaxing to the listening ear.

Remy started writing songs for the album 'Way I Feel ' at the age of 19. Songs like the "Everlasting," and the lovely  "Rock steady " were among the first to be completed but he needed to be heard, get a deal. Said Remy "I wanted to get some feedback, so I put some songs on a tape and a friend sent the tape to his brother (a manager in Toronto)". Out of the blue, Steve Warden, (now Remy’s manager), called to assure him that he could be signed to an artist deal within a year. I said, "Yeah, right". But in just three months, two labels had offered development deals. Remy took a deep breath and declined, choosing to press his luck and insist on a contract to make a full album. Soon there were several labels knocking at his door. He chose Universal, who signed him as an album artist, and gave him all the time he needed to complete the work himself. Remy worked on his album for the next four years recording and mixing it entirely from home in Winnipeg. Being an admirer of what Kedar Massenberg has done with Motown he decided to sign with Motown. 

The finished product is some of finest array of songs to come from the mind of the man, every note shows emotion and strength, every song a pleasure to listen to. Notables include 'Burning Bridges ', 'Everlasting ', 'I Met Your Mercy ', 'Liberate ', 'Looking Back On Vanity ' and the title cut.  

He will be compared to others (Maxwell and Lewis Taylor comes to mind right off) but he's definitely in a class all by himself to me. Look out for this one it has the potential to be big. A worthy and most definitely TY-D pick indeed. 

Listen to "Take a message"

Listen to "The way I feel"

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