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Jan 15th 2002


Job well done - Dam Funk Dam-Funk - Vanishing Point: EP (Funkmosphere)


Those of you on the west coast should be aware of Dam Funk. I got to know his acquaintance through my favourite internet radio station Soul 24-7 and the 'Soul 24-7 Family' tree. Well Mr. Funk, a native of Oakland CA has released a 7 track EP  called Vanishing Point ' on his own label Funkmosphere Records.    

You can tell Mr. Funk was heavily influenced by the 70s and 80s soul sound and most particularly by the groups Kleeer and Starshine as both of the groups sound and feel are evident on the set. 

'In The Wind', is a track thats filled with funky grooves and jazz overtones, bound to definitely be radio friendly. Up next is "10 West ", where Dam-funk leans towards Kleeer's  'Intimate Connection ' as it's back bone and just jump right at you from the word go - a favourite on the EP for me.

Other notables include the Kraftwerk driven 'Inner Journey ' and of course the title track 'Vanishing Point ' which seems to be Dam-Funk's pride and joy. 'Sustained Afterglow ', 'Cosmiccommunication ' and 'Paradiseglyde ', round out the set and he offers something for those who grew up with the 70s and 80s funk as well as the taste of today.  An impressive debut from the LA based artist/producer. Be sure to get a copy of this if you get the chance. A TY-D Pick indeed





Sexy Lady - Joi Joi - Missing you : (Universal) 


Lost in the shadow of the neo-soul movement of late, do you know that this young lady might be the one that started it all. Before Erykah, Jill Scott and all the others popping up lately,  Joi had given us a taste of her neo-ism back in the early 90s with tracks like 'Sunshine and the rain ', 'Freedom ' and 'Ghetto Superstar '  but was never accepted in the mainstream medium.

Not one to be phased by this, this 'sexy lady' trooped on and now Joi is a name that you have been hearing a lot of as of late. She was named as the replacement for Dawn Robinson in the group Lucy Pearl (spearheaded by former Tony, Toni, Tone member Raphael Saadiq) last year and now she's just released her 1st single called 'Missing you ' from the forthcoming album 'Star Kitty's Revenge' (on Universal).

Hailing from Nashville Joi (the daughter of the late football great Joe Gilliam) has the baggage of a seasoned veteran behind her with 3 albums already under her belt. This set (her first for Universal) taps into her emotional travels through her experiences in life and pours all of it into one amazing new album.

The lead off single 'Missing you ' is not quite at all what I expected (I was thinking along the lines that it's another typical R&B track much in the same vain as the others occupying the charts nowadays), no actually this one steps away from the norm and dare I say challenges others to follow suit (it's that good). It's thriving bass line leads way to a simple yet plain hook married by the baritone of her soothing sexy voice belting out the lyrics. 

Dallas Austin serves as producer who along with Joi also also penned the song giving merit and texture to the track but yet again it's Joi who's the star here she shines and brings joy to the world once again. Due date on the album is March 19th don't sleep on this one - trust me you'll want it in your collection

Listen to "Missing you" 





Philly's own - Musiq Soulchild  Music Soul Child - Half Crazy: (Def Soul) 


The Soulchild returns. The Philly native we know as  Musiq Soulchild (given name: Talib Johnson) is back with his latest effort 'Half Crazy', taken from his forthcoming album 'Juslisen'. It looks like another monster hit for the silky smooth neo-soul vocalist. 

Written and produced by Musiq, this track surely puts the stamp of approval on this youngster's career as a legitimate singer/songwriter (not that it was ever in question). Similar to 'Girl Next door' in texture and style 'Half Crazy ' is drenched in orchestral strings and a soothing bass line, Musiq's voice is in fine form as he carries the song ever so effortlessy. 

The new album 'Juslisen' hits record shelves May 7th (street date is subject to change) and as soon as I get the LP you'll get a full review. For all soul music fans this is one not to be missed. 

Listen to "Half Crazy"






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