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July 1st 2000

Mya - Now or never: (MCA) 

The beautiful and sexy Mya is back with a vengeance with her sophomore album 'Fear of Flying'. With the 1st single 'The Best of Me' a big hit for her, 'Now or Never' will definitely follow suit.

This mid-tempo ballad is deliciously carried out by Mya with her sexy vocal chords peaking at just the right moment to make the song work. Should be another hit for her look out for it. The album is available in fine record shops now.


Amel Larreaux - Sweet Misery rmx: (Epic/550 Music)

You will remember her as the former lead vocalist for Groove Theory and ever since her debut on the song 'Tell me', you knew she has that 'something special

Her debut album Infinite Possibilities is truly a masterpiece in modern Soul. Each track is strung with a different style of soul all on its own. On 'Sweet Misery' I found it hard pressing to top the original but with this remix it does just that. The beat borrows a sample from LL Cool J's 'Round the way Girl' but all the right elements are in place and that's what makes this remix good. I strongly suggest going out and picking up the album, its that good. 


Dave Koz featuring Montell Jordan - Careless Whisper: (Capitol)

This updated jazz version of the Wham classic follows the trend of flattery gets you everywhere. Montell's voice to me is not quite up to par for this track and misses the mark at certain points but nevertheless it does work.

The song itself is already a classic so tempting with fate is against Dave I think but he does give the song an updated lift and that makes it worth a listen. I'm a big fan of jazz and I'm critical on originality but sometimes you make an exception and this is can be one of them.


Brian Culbertson featuring Lori Perry - Get'n over you: (Atlantic)

An excellent record that really shines from start to finish. Lori is true to form and her voice never sounded better. Brian's playing is flawless, with energy pouring into the keys of the piano and gives the song a feel of fulfillment - its a listening delight. The CD entitled Somethin' bout love is excellent from start to finish and is available in fine record shops now so go get yourself a copy. if you are a jazz fan you won't be disappointed.


The Mad Rapper w/Raekwon and Carl Thomas - The Ghetto (Columbia)

Escaping from the Asylum (figuratively speaking) The Madd Rapper has come up with a nifty lil' number here with The Chef and Carl Thomas adding their blend to the mix. 

The track in general offers nothing new to the rap game but his portrayal of the written word is straight to the point and with the Chef adding his own twist makes it all the better. A worthy listen is warranted for those who is a fan of rap.    

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