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Nov 15th 2001


 Mike Phillips - Changing the game : (Hidden Beach.) 


Mike Phillips a native of Mt. Vernon, NY began his musical journey at the tender age of 5 at which while growing up experimented with an assortment of instruments including acoustic and electric bass, violin, piano, French horn and trumpet. Of all the instruments the saxophone was his true calling.

Horning his talents throughout his formative years, practicing and devoting his time to shaping and mastering his technical skills and self discipline he ventured out and played at various functions and more to the point developed a understanding of the unique and relationship between the musician and audience. 

The summer of 1993 saw Mike made his  debut performance at the well-known New York City jazz & R&B spot, Wilson's. Invited there by a friend who was playing keyboards with the house band, Mike literally walked on stage and, much to the surprise of the band leader, began to blow before anyone asked him to sit in. The looks of bewilderment quickly turned to smiles and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mike has been a regular there ever since, performing with such artists as Babyface, Rachelle Farrell, Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, and Prince 

Unfortunately no track listings have been given on the this his debut set but as soon as they become available I'll post them. 





Pretty? - Ms. Pink Pink - Missundaztood: (Laface)


Making a big bang with her debut release 'Can't take me home' that featured the hits 'There you go', 'You make me sick' and the title cut, Pink (given name: Alicia Moore) returns with another array of hits for her adoring public. 

Incorporating the services of former 4 Non Blondes Member Linda Perry as well as again teaming up with Dallas Austin Missundaztood breathes a fresh approach to modern Pop/R&B. 

Right off the bat, the first single 'Get the party started' gets the juices flowing - a hard driven, no hold barred floor mover that captures your imagination. Other notables include 'Eventually',  'Just Like A Pill' to the heart-wrenching 'Dear Diary' and 'Family Portrait,' not forgetting the introspective 'My Vietnam', the rock anthem 'Don't Let Me Get Me' and the title track.

For her fans Pink hasn't disappoint a little older, a little wiser and musically a little more edgier she comes correct on this her sophomore set. A
TY-D Pick here.






Alicia Keys - A woman's worth: (J Records) 


This is the 2nd single from her quadruple platinum debut album 'Songs in A minor'. Alicia was quite the surprise to a lot of people (myself included). I knew she had talent but never expected her to blow up this big.    

What makes her so unique is her ability to rise up to the occasion with every note she sings, her uncanny tenor and physical capability to punch out note after note is very rarely seen (not since Aretha Franklin to be honest) and this track showcases just that.

'A Woman's Worth' is a true delight in it's original form but the remix is another story all together. Personally I'm not sure if it fits, it's certainly different and somewhat of a surprise for Ms. Keys but if the shoe fits... Another Ty D Pick though nevertheless.






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